Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anthony Bourdain On Obesity

Anthony Bourdain on Obesity

This guy inhales pork like it's going out of style. I've seen "No Reservations", many times. I often used to watch him inhale plates of fried bits from a variety of overseas street vendors, going on a day long eat-a-thon. This more then often included huge plates of barbecue pork. He should weigh far more then he does. So who is he to talk? Does smoking and drinking raise metabolism? I would think this guy would be smart enough to know about endocrine disrupters and the toxins in our processed food. He wants government control to end obesity.

He says "There is nothing patriotic about diabetes or gout"

So he is on the same level with Ted Nugent? He pushes the class issues under the carpet, what a clueless guy!


  1. Anthony and Nuggent are twins separated at birth :)

    They share their hate!

  2. I thought this guy was educated enough not to be a drooling brainwashed ditto head or Fox news watcher but then how many celebrities break out of the mold? They probably don't allow them to lest they lose their jobs. Remember in my case I see both sides of the media as owned. Of course they blame the victims instead of looking at the bigger picture, can't question the corporations or those who are running this show.

    "You have chosen to be a liability to yourself...etc"

    Absolutely disgusting.

    One thing I am going to go out on a limb here, they use our media to steer people on BOTH sides, they do NOT want truth known.

    And Bourdain is the hypocrite of the highest order with his food porn for the masses.

    Ill be posting this.