Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hunger Pain

All my life, Ive had bad hunger pain, the full blown stomach growling, and pain in your gut that says EMPTY! Yesterday I got so annoyed. I am worried about my diabetes and have eaten too many carbs to keep my digestive system humming because they are more bland so I was trying to eat less yesterday, but it's like the body would NOT leave me alone and I was ready to go scream. The women's magazines will tell you to go drink a glass of water, and that supposedly works. No it does not. I have tried to train myself to ignore hunger pain but always have failed, even if I wait and some of the pain ebbs away, then comes the feelings of fuzziness and "illness". Getting doctors to explain this is hard. I hear "You are diabetic, you have to eat regular!" but come on every 4-5 hours where I feel like I'll be knocked on the floor? Sometimes it comes crawling on only three hours later. Diets are a joke for me even regarding the constant hunger pain, and by the way, I am not describing head hunger or boredom hunger, but in your gut growling stomach hunger.

This morning, I woke up with hunger pain at 5am! [I had an IBS attack the day before so some eating was scaled back, but I had eaten two chicken fajitas, with no cheese of course, made with chicken tenderloins, some tomato, and cooked onions and greenpeppers with avacado on them for dinner. A big enough and filling dinner. I have a rule never to eat at night, for a diabetic, you need those 8-12 hours of the body being free of food, so I ignored it. But as I went back to sleep with my stomach growling, thankfully fatigue winning over hunger, I thought "THIS IS NOT NORMAL!"

See "Fat People Are Hungrier"

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  1. I went from 370ish to 200 by cutting out all sugar, and wheat. I need a lot of oil to keep the hunger down, aka shangri la diet type oiling. It helps with the hunger some of the time.