Friday, January 20, 2012

Are Chemicals Not Calories Making Us Fat?

Frankly I find calories a joke, even when my eating is reduced from illness, little weight is lost. It is like some "magic" trick they want me to pull off, where these invisible "calories" or lack there of, will supposedly CHANGE MY LIFE. By the way, to the people sending me DIET information:. I can't afford your overpriced stuff, 2. None of it works, 3. I am already on a massively restricted diet due to severe allergies that would probably leave puddles of tears on your epilectic machine.

But I am noticing some theories, I spoke of YEARS ago, hitting mainstream science and research, FINALLY, I wrote THIS years ago...

"Poisoned Endocrine Systems: Bloating Bodies

There is a basic increase in endocrine diseases due to environmental poisonings. Higher estrogen in the environment is leading to smaller sperm counts and now one in every seven couples is infertile. This is something never seen before. Hormonal diseases that used to be rare, like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), hypothyroidism and diabetes are now worsening in number. Scientists alone have identified 51 synthetic chemicals in our environment that disrupt hormones. Some mimic estrogen, which is a hormone that adds weight, especially in women, and others conflict with testosterone and thyroid. Among them include everything from PCBs, Dioxin and Furans, many from heavily-used pesticides on our food supply.

Girls are even entering puberty earlier due to these factors, which is leading to higher body weights at early ages. The obesity epidemic has been blamed on higher rates of weight due to the increased insulin (the cart before the horse syndrome again) and leptin from the fat cells. However, the article "Teens Before Their Time" in Time magazine points out:

"The most prominent effect, reported last spring in the Journal of Pediatrics, was the boys exposed to DDE and girls exposed to PCBs were heavier than their unexposed peers at age 14. The study also noted an intriguing fact: girls with high prenatal PCB exposure tended to hit the first stages of puberty a bit earlier than others."

It is pointed out that the sample may be too small statistically but this
certainly needs more investigation. Other researchers are even pointing to plastics.

now on to the article:

"Are Chemicals, Not Calories Making Us Fat?"


Eat less, move more. That’s been the prevailing weight-loss strategy for years now, but even obesity experts acknowledge that few people who lose weight manage to keep it off.
Meanwhile, in research labs, frogs, mice and zebra fish exposed to minuscule amounts of estrogen replacement drugs, dioxins, bisphenol A and other chemicals are getting fat – very fat.

The phenomenon is so striking that some scientists believe that common chemicals, dubbed obesogens, are messing with our hormonal systems and the natural balance of “calories in, calories out.”

The obesogen theory goes prime time Thursday on the CBC Television series The Nature of Things. In a phone interview, science journalist and filmmaker Bruce Mohun explains the research behind his new documentary, Programmed to be Fat?

We’ve been bombarded with theories about the obesity epidemic, including the idea that antibiotics have disrupted our gut bacteria and made us fat. Why should we pay attention to this one? 

By the way does anyone know if this article hit American news at all?


  1. I say hell to the yes on this. Our factory farmed meat is given antibiotics from day one of its miserable life. Dairy cows get rgbh. Our vegetables and fruits are sprayed with poisons and pesticides. Much of the food is filled with horrid additives such as your favorite and mine, MSG. And they wonder why so many more people are obese? Why of course it must be our weak willed fault. Give me an effing break!
    I love these great bits of research that you find. Thanks!

  2. All I got to say, is the claim that MILLIONS of people are LOSERS who just won't get on the willpower wagon, is the biggest bunch of crap, I ever have heard. So yeah part of keeping the status quo, is claiming each individual is responsible for their fate. It keeps everyone from questioning anything and keeps even the size acceptance crowd going into defensive 'fat is great" messages. It is so hard to get decent food, sometimes lately feel like my body is starved for nutrition. I will go eat some soup for lunch with vegetables in it, but I have to cook constantly to get decent food, I can't imagine people with 40-70 hour workweeks and with children handling it. Some of the Science is telling us more is wrong, but you notice all the social programmers keeping feeding the old failed nonsense.