Sunday, January 15, 2012

NAAFA in 1978

I still think the change in NAAFA's name from National Association to Aid Fat Americans to National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance meant a change that was not good. The focus should have remained on PEOPLE Who happened to be FAT instead of advancing FAT. This video is VERY INTERESTING, ask yourself has anything really changed for fat people?

NAAFA in 1978

I think life has gotten worse for obese people as far as discrimination. Things have regressed even since the 1970s, the only choice is now fat people have far more clothing choices due to market forces. All the problems outlined in this video in 1978, have worsened. There is not more understanding, nor help for fat people. Even the same diets are sold over and over from those days like the Adkins revival 10 years ago.

Since the 1970s, society has become more shallow and appearance oriented. Think about this, it's been 40 years and making fat people thin has not worked. They failed. In 1978, I was a fat ten year old, and remember the shame and blame hoisted on the fat. I think society has grown to be meaner and less polite place and that has meant even more heaped upon the fat.

NAAFA I think meant well at the start and should have stuck with the AID FAT AMERICANS [FOCUS on THE PEOPLE not the FAT]. They all look like sincere, good people.

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