Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Video:Are Your Food Allergies Making You Fat?

I found this video interesting...

considering this blog article...

"Food Allergies Related to Obesity? My Food Allergies are Extreme"

I found this video very interesting....

I took his test Is Inflammation Wrecking Your Metabolism?
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You scored a: 15
You have a relatively high inflammation problem that requires your immediate attention. Do the basic UltraMetabolism program, but customize it using the specific recommendations in the chapter on inflammation. If you score high (7 and above) you would benefit from taking the additional tests noted in that chapter. In addition to further testing, I strongly recommend that you seek professional medical assistance.


  1. I've heard this theory before and think there's something to it. I also think that one of the major offenders is MSG, which is in rampant use in various forms in today's food production. People aren't considered as having allergies to MSG, but they can have intolerance which usually involves the GI tract but can also involve the respiratory tract. Once I started being aware of what MSG does I started checking for it on food labels. Lo and behold I was able to get off my hardcore asthma meds!
    I think these food additives have a fair bit to do with the "obesity epidemic" (for lack of a better term.) But of course the food manufacturers aren't going to blame these dreadful additives--they are going to blame fat people! It's very discouraging.

  2. I got a 13 on the Inflammation Quiz. I have fibromyalgia, which some doctors consider to be an autoimmune disease, so I checked yes for the autoimmune disease. It seems to me that there has been a rise in cases of fibromyalgia over the past 25-30 years as well, although it may just be that it is finally being recognized as a real condition.
    MSG came into widespread use in American food production after World War II. I even remember seeing an old ad for Accent where the fact that it was "Pure Monosodium Glutamate" was touted as a good thing! I really think that this awful substance causes inflammation and has a great deal to do with the problems that many modern people have.

  3. I am seriously wondering if my poor health was an extreme reaction to MSG all along, or at least aspects of it. I am so severely MSG allergic, if I went to go eat a package of ramen noodles using the seasoning or a chicken sandwich from fast food restaurant, I will be barfing within a couple hours with severe stomach pain. I think it really has harmed people and brought inflammation, of course it is not the only harmful substance being brought into our food. Not by a long shot, but it definitely is a big one. Yes fibro and automimmune diseases have skyrocketed. I actually have several autoimmune problems including one that causes severe hearing loss. There too, all the fatties and now the "sick" are told it's all their fault, because they didnt have the "right" gym membership or eat salmon [I'm allergic to fish] or greens at every meal.

  4. Oh with the MSG stuff, did you see this old article of mine?


  5. Here is another article that discusses harmful effects of sugar (which may also cause inflammation).