Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food Allergies Related to Obesity? My Food Allergies are Extreme

Recent Study Says Food Allergies Related to Obesity

The May 2009 "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" published a study that suggests rising childhood obesity may be promoting the increased occurrence of food allergies which rose by 18 percent from 1997-2007. Obesity was associated with a greater development of atopic disease such as eczema and psoriasis, and a whopping 59 percent increase in food sensitization. Researchers in this study noted, "The analysis of continuous Body Mass Index (BMI) with total IgE levels supports the concept that increased weight is associated with increased allergic predisposition."

 Here is my question what if the correlation is the opposite? What if the toxins and all the GMO food is setting up the body for severe inflammation actually leading to more obesity and decline in the processing of food and metabolism? In otherwords, why blame the fat person, perhaps the correlation goes the opposite way.

My food allergies are out of the box and then some. I actually have never met anyone with as severe food allergies as me in my entire life and I had them at smaller weights too. In fact learning I was allergic to potatoes [something doctors never would have figured out] ended endless panicked trips to the ER that I had in my early twenties where I was gasping for air and going into severe asthma attacks. This is knowledge that saved my life, once I figured out potatoes were the common villain. Remember while I was large, this was a time in life, I was not severely obese. My severe allergies and asthma did precipitate a lot of my downward health spiral including damage to my lungs to point of being diagnosed with chronic bronchitis in my early 20s, severe asthma now COPD, and the constant use of steroids to keep me alive. [I was diagnosed pseudo-Cushings even while OFF steroids]

I have had bodywide hives from eating a then marked GMO tomato, and my food choices are so limited some thin friends basically ask me "Well WHAT can you eat?"

It is something I have wanted a doctor to explore for years. I did have an allergist for some time, and even two years of allergy shots and while those dampened down allergies to grass pollen a teeny little bit, they didn't do much for the rest of these allergies. I attempted a gluten-free diet even for a year, to see if it would end the food intolerance problems but it changed nothing.

I am allergic as far as this writing to many non-food items [smoke, mold, fur-from childhood, feathers--I had an asthma attack using ONE feather on an art project yesterday, my doctors are getting scared for me because I am allergic to several classes of antibiotics--bodywide hives, severe asthma, and even with one. Anaphylactic shock like symptons including a foot that swelled to the size of a football. Allergies have made me go clammy, a feeling like going into shock and the bottom falling out. That is the best way I can describe it. Even good old classic Cipro turned on me after 10 years of use. You know life is getting scary when your whole body is broken out in quarter size hives and you call the doctor up and he say's "You can't be allergic to Cipro, you've taken it so many times before without a problem!" Fortunately another doctor figured out things quick.

Well here is the list of food allergies....

Potatoes--[severe allergic reaction, including intense asthma attacks]
ALL Dairy products, cheese, milk, whey, --[light wheezing, but severe digestive reactions including pain]
Eggs [used to be able to get away with minimal amounts in baked bakery products but those days seemed to have ended, severe digestive problems where the abdominal pain is extreme] If I went to the kitchen and I ate a hard boiled egg, I'd be in the ER by this evening. This means no being able to eat even veggie burgers with the teeny weeny bit of egg white in them, I learned my lesson about that.
All wine, [severe allergic reaction including intense asthma] [sulfites]
Other alcohol [rum, beer, sake] [light wheezing can range] I do not drink as a matter of course but have to be careful of foods cooked in alcohol.
Fish and Shellfish [severe allergic reaction including asthma, I could eat tuna for a time longer but now that causes immediate asthma, some hives]
Radishes [asthma, upset]
Eggplant [asthma]
Cayenne pepper [severe asthma, swelling, borderline analphylatic--took 4 Bendryls's one day noticing neck and face swell up]
Tofu [can eat small amounts but is making me increasingly ill, mostly makes thyroid swell and an overall feeling of unwellness]
Rye bread [severe constipation--this led me to explore the gluten avenue that went nowhere]
MSG-[this is a new one, this means no fast food and no lower cheap restaurant food, only place that make whole foods, this lowered extreme bowel attacks by quite a bit figuring this one out. This one is mostly digestive though have had some asthma]

Now erase all high sugar foods for sake of diabetes--that means no lattes, chocolate is being wiped away due to the more growing more severe dairy allergies, and all high fat foods, no fried chicken, pork chops, due to diabetes and illness as well.

Anyone out there want to follow my diet? It is challenging and getting to be more so everyday. I spend a lot of money on food just to get decent stuff,  and have introduced more organic food. If I ate like a normal person, I'd be toast. 

I do wonder about the theories regarding intestinal hyperpermeability, obesity and the basic lowering of our food quality and nutrition. I also believe increased GMOs in our food is making the allergies far WORSE.

Maybe some of us are the canaries in the coal-mine.


  1. I have had some heinous reactions to MSG. Once I started looking for it in food I was able to get off my asthma medications. That stuff is horrible. It should be straight up banned.

  2. Oh yes, I've had bad reactions to MSG, actually it causes severe digestion problems in me and when I found out I cut it down as I said above. I consider the MSG-Obesity connection to be a really big deal and quite upsetting, did you see that post I did some time ago?

  3. Sorry one of my comments earlier was about yogurt and cheese. I didn't realize you were so allergic to all dairy. - chakradancer

  4. &you're allergic to SOY. tofu is soy bean curd. i gotta ask..why go gluten free after a bad RYE reaction? rye bread is gluten free!