Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sick Again

I had a horrible day the other day, severe digestive troubles. I have read gallstones can come with Chrohns. I never have gallbladder pain, all the pain is in the lower intestines, have had scans which always are negative and the most severe problems are digestive.

I am passing some small yellow balls on occasion. I worry the Bentyl I take to kill pain is giving me floaters in my eyes. I never would survive gallbladder surgery, so this is stressful on endless accounts. Figuring out what to eat is getting harder and harder since so many foods make me sick. Yes, I have seen Gastroenterologists before.  I got a handle on things, but then it all came back. I ate away from home and away from what from what I call my "safe" restaurants the day before I got sick.

I wonder sometimes how on earth I am staying so fat, when food and me haven't been friends in some time. I'm never going to get the dream researcher who shows up to put me in a lab and make sense of this horrible body that makes no sense. The thin people I am around get shocked by the various food groups I can't even touch. I probably ate less then 500 calories yesterday and that food only taken in to keep from passing out from diabetes. I guess though when you feel like floating away and your vision goes wonky it's kind of low.

I threw up for hours, and had the usual thing where my husband begged me to go to the emergency room. It is scary to weigh 500lbs and know they probably would want to do very risky tests and surgeries and you think, "OK, just make it to morning, and you will be normal again!" and it has happened before where you have even got 3-4 weeks of being trouble free. I feel better now though a bit ragged, food is staying down. This attack lasted about 3-4 days in duration with maybe 24 hours of acute vomiting.

Some of the symptons are WEIRD, severe fatigue which also serves as a warning of an attack to come, undigested food, vomiting that comes at the peak of it all and continues for hours even dry heaves, severe lower abdominal pain, the runs, severe gas, two warning days of CHILLS, I get so cold it's not funny, and take my temperature which is always on the low end instead of the fevers most would predict. When I get attacks, I always have warning mouth sores for days even, yes really, and at times my right eye turns red for no reason at all.  I am technically only diagnosed now with severe IBS. Bentyl works to kill the pain and even to hold off the vomiting if I don't throw it up, but if I throw it up, all bets are off and it's hours of suffering.

I feel like I am falling apart. I have been eating healthy. Even the food I ate away from home, was even vegetables and such, and a LEAN pork roast with no fat on it, but who knows, I can't even blame that meal totally as I had warning chills the day before. I laid on my bed in total pain, praying to God to allow me to make it. Well at least now attacks like this are rarer, this was the first time in MONTHS, while before I was having this at least a few times a month.

If anyone has any ideas or has had Chrohn's or gallbladder problems, chime in. I am hoping I can get this stuff under control again. I did it before. I just wonder now how much of it is under my control or not.

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