Friday, August 31, 2012

Fat and Health Are Related

I think she means well, but fat and health are related. That for me is a reality as I have expounded on this blog so long. What do you do when the obesity co-morbs pile up to the ceiling? You can't say, that the weight does not affect the health. I am dealing with two recent fat-related issues, one is a umbilical hernia, which is not at a point I need surgery, no pain and not pushing out too far, but which exists, and dealing with pressure sores and sitting issues, I only can sit up for only so long but have realized I have to find a chair that works for me the right way and so many do not. How can fat [and yes lets take the value judgments out of it, who would CHOOSE this?] not be related? It is a health issue, it is related. She is right about the neglect of mental health issues, what will all the fat abuse do but destroy fat people's mental health? I agree with her about the shaming problem and the ableism and the fact unhealthy people such as myself need to be treated well.

Agree with this part.

But fat and health? Well to me the two are so intertwined.........

She wanted feedback, going to send her my blog link and a letter....

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