Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Are They Making Cars So MUCH SMALLER?

I have a van where I fit in it okay but the room in new cars is smaller and smaller where someone even in the 200s would have a hard time getting into the car. I see newer cars in parking lots and the seats and doors are so small it looks like only people under 100lbs would even fit. This worries me for the future, I do not see me even fitting in these cars comfortably as a passenger. One thing I have noticed in cars is far less leg room, there is always something pressing or cutting into my legs, in the front seat or back seat, with giant consoles taking up all the room.

Are Americans Too Big To Drive Small?

Read this report, there is a guy who is around 240lbs complaining of all the problems of fitting, what about supersized fat people?

Consumer Reports: The Best Cars for Plus Sized People

I'm poor so I am not in a market for a new car. I dare say none of them will be useable they are making all the interiors smaller and smaller. I always wondered why larger cars for bigger people were never marketed. It seems weird. I have noticed this, are all the designers wealthy and lithe thin? It makes you wonder.  

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