Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Programmed to Be Fat! Man Made Chemicals Are Making Us Fatter!

Programmed to Be Fat

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Programmed to Be Fat?

But a small group of scientists have begun looking beyond the obvious because of a group that can’t chew, let alone jog: infant obesity rose more than 70 per cent in just 20 years. You can’t blame them for unhealthy lifestyles. The scientists suspect that, starting in the womb, man-made chemicals may be triggering changes to our metabolism that result in life-long weight gain.

Programmed to be Fat? tells the stories of three scientists whose unexpected findings led them to follow the research of a curious doctor in Scotland, baffled by her inability to lose weight. For three years she pored over existing research on environmental chemicals and finally published a key study in an alternative medicine journal. It linked endocrine-disrupting chemicals to the obesity epidemic. The scientists came across the paper while puzzling over their own research results. None of their studies were about fat, but they had two things in common – they were all researching endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and they all ended up with unusually heavy lab animals.

Check out the comments on this one, some very interesting points I have been making for years on this blog.
What serves corporate interests better than expanding market share by chemically arranging for appetites and waists to swell and metabolisms and built-in safeguards to malfunction?

Are there still people who believe that the obesity epidemic and contributing endocrine disruptors just "happened"? That they "happened" to take place during the period in which checks and balances on corporate abuses of consumer trust were progressively gutted or removed entirely?

And now, after the epidemic has caused so much personal distress, Science has finally, miraculously uncovered the biochemical mechanisms responsible — as though environmentalists had not been warning us about them for decades?

There's an alternative approach to waiting for belated scientific revelations: Don't eat "edible food-like substances" (Michael Pollan) that corporations have been pushing and propagandizing. Don't accept that your food and drink must be packaged in ways that put cost reduction first and consider long-term health and environmental consequences last.


EA Helwick:

"Yes, the endocrine disruptors are playing a major role in the obesity epidemic by mimicking thyroid and gloming to the receptors thus preventing the normal T3 connection. Certain chemicals that accumulate in babies are creating oxidative phosphorlation, which is causing mitochondria dysfunction. Several key satiety hormones are also being turned off thus leaving on the urge to consume more food. It's not the food guys, but rather what's in the food and water we are consuming.

I am the co-author of a groundbreaking book due out mid 2012 that turns conventional wisdom completely upside down when it comes to obesity, diabetes-2, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. And yes, the need to move away from highly sprayed and treated fruits and vegetables with pesticides represents ground zero. We are rapidly approaching the point where we cannot afford not to bite the bullet and shift to organic foods. And yes, new borns who are feeding off mom's fat reserves have at least 300 known toxic chemicals in their body at the time of birth, which play an important role in altering the expression of various genes (epigenetics)."

I had major chemical exposure, cleaning jobs, work in factories around printing and manufacturing of plastics, and I was an art teacher, that was around oil paint, paint thinner and clays. I believe everyone however in general is being exposed to major toxins and endocrine disruptors and these scientists are on to something.
Look, we are being lied too about the calories in, calories out thing, something more is going on. I am glad there are some honest researchers out there.


  1. the planet has become very toxic, even from gasoline fumes, we ARE poisoning ourselves and the planet. but you do not have evidence "they" are doing it, on purpose. WHY are they doing it on purpose? they're doing it cause they DON'T CARE.THEY DON'T GIVE A SHIT about you, or anyone. that's worse than a conspiracy;they just don't

    care!they do not care if you or I,or everyone dies,or if they kill the give them too much credit for's not their "plan,"they are self-destructive, suicidal, greedy, dear, you think humans are smart; they are not, they're lemmings.

  2. Yeah I could go with the thought, that it's all being done out of greed. Hey the greed is what makes them more money feeding people NON-FOOD with low nutrients and high and fat and sugar. Yeah considering the subject of this blog with obesity, I think humans definitely can be lemmings too. Look at the whole obesity thing, they still tell us eat less and exercise and eat "healthy" and it will all *magically* fall into place.

  3. I have felt this in my gut since first reading "Our Stolen Future" in 1998. Thank you for helping to bring awareness and for being "out here" in cyberspace.

    As I wrote earlier, I grew up in a very small, SE Ohio town that was literally no doubt steeped in chemicals. Dwarfed by Marbon, Shell Chemical, Kaiser Aluminum and Dupont. I was born steeped in chemicals and have had a lifelong weight battle and numerous endocrine disease related issues.

  4. I was exposed to chemicals too. Father was from NJ, and an area that was chemical factory central.. He had massive health issues. Always wondered about that.