Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fat People Don't Need To Be Punished

Fat People Don't Need to be Punished.

Punishing fat people comes out of a society stuck on stupid, and trying to kick those who are down. Adding on to the stigma, discrimination and more is failing and in many ways has added to the problem. If some of these right wing "You Choose to be fat" myth makers add on to the financial burden of fat people all they will is make them fatter due to lower funds, and more stress. This article has good points but I also worry about the nanny government that would want to foist more exercise on people...[no cars allowed in the city, you must walk 1 mile between bus stops] Some businesses have even started this horrible trend to keep the serfs standing all day, at their desks instead of sitting. Anyone who has ever worked an on your feet job, knows those break break down your health and feet too. Overall I think the writer means well and I agree.

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