Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bobby Hill on Being Fat

I'd rather a fat kid feel like this, while whatever given whatever sane and reasonable options to remain as healthy he can be, then walking around hating himself like so many fat kids are told to do.
Don't forget a lot of the fat kids, aren't even in the ranks of the very obese when they start getting discriminated against and earn ire from others. It can be a matter of 20-30lbs.


  1. Fat kids are cute.

    I'm Fat Bastard of BiggerFatterPolitics and I applaud fat mothers for plumping up their kids with all that yummy food.

  2. I am curious what motivates a thin guy to be so obsessed and hateful of fat people? I mean even from a pyschological viewpoint it's interesting. Why not just ignore them and go hang out with thin people? How come you keep posting on my blog, I was on to your game long ago? {I've censored endless comments}

    Anyhow EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY'S WEBSITE unless you want your fill of frat boy level agit-prop and fat hatred.