Friday, August 24, 2012

I really do hate jeans

"I hate jeans"

"George F. Will: I hate Jeans"

I was just told I made a "sizeist" on a fat acceptance website, for writing that I think jeans are not flattering on fat women over size 18. Hey it's an opinion no one has to agree with it. It is not against the fat women themselves but the look they insist on dressing everyone in, even the thin people. I have to admit, I am not always the most PC person. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but well read on and hopefully you will understand more of what I meant....

How do they not know in my mind, I am thinking, I wish plus sized women had better options to dress and maybe I long for the days where there WAS variety in fashion. It's strange because whatever happened to freedom of speech? My friends thin and fat, know I hate jeans, and yes many of them DO WEAR jeans. Hey, if they are comfortable, and that's okay for them, so be it.

I spent so many of my teen years with my own mid-sized body squeezed into jeans, with very few options to wear anything else, perhaps I wrote that remembering the feeling of unease, of my large body poured into the worse clothing item anyone could have designed for a fat person. I remember putting on the tight, hot and thick denim pants getting a work out every morning in getting them on and wishing for skirts and dresses. In the 1980s too was the tyranny of the Jordache and other designer jeans and it was "in" for people to wear them as tight as possible. I wonder how life could have been dressed in beautiful clothes instead of one's that made me uncomfortable? Ok maybe I am a bit of a clothes snob, but I remember wondering why I had to dress just like my brother for so many years. Even to get flat shoes, that were not the proverbial boring "white sneakers" took some arguments on my part.

The worse things about jeans are how unforgiving they were. Gain 10lbs and they do not fit right. Get a bit swelled up, and they are tight. In a way being forced to wear jeans instead of more flattering clothing as a young person left me more vulnerable, every figure flaw on full display and oddly in my junior high and high school with the strange rules, that our shirts be tucked in and no jackets or cardigans worn in the classroom which meant my very large pear shape was even more emphasized. There was little modesty in that formula. For some reason, my mother did not let me wear dresses or more feminine fashions, except for special events, where the once a year or so dress for the wedding always had to have the nylons with it, so day to day, I was stuck in sweaters, t-shirts and jeans. When I left the house, and started buying my own clothes, I made the transition to knit pants and then to wearing dresses the majority of the time. The last year I wore a pair of jeans was 1992, once I was out of the house, I ditched them all.

I never felt "right" in jeans. My body is extremely pear shaped, my waist runs 20 inches under the hips even now, and always the hips were tight while the waist was looser, I felt like I was being forced to dress like everyone else, when my body was NOT like everyone else's. I was left vulnerable with my very large butt on display like a beacon, which actually I think I figured out why so many of that insults in junior high and high school focused on that one area of my body. Today even if I wanted to wear jeans, I could not. They do not make them in my size.

I think fat women now, try to dress too much like thin women, instead of choosing fashions that are FLATTERING, COMFORTABLE and make them feel good.  I see way too many fat women, literally POURED into tight fitting jeans. Sorry if someone thinks I am being fat hating to say that does not look good. They are trying to be something they are not, and most of them DO look UNCOMFORTABLE. One thing about me, I break endless fashion rules but I'd rather see people break them on the side of feeling better about themselves rather then CONFORMITY!

Often even finding nice clothes that flatter for fat people is hard, but how many people are wearing jeans now because there is little else out there on the market. I remember the older days where there was fun to fashion, and different styles and nothing has changed since the 1990s. Can you even name a style to the 00s? I sure can't. It's like creativity died in America and conformity became the rule. To me, the wearing of jeans is a sign of this insisted upon new thing that everyone must look like everyone else.


  1. i for one agree i used squeeze myself into jeans so uncomfortable i used to feel relief when i could get out of them as for the insults i got in them well i see your point why try to be in with the it crowd so now i dont but somehow i still get it in neck why are you wearing joggoers you look like a wale how can you leave house looking like that my mum who i dont have best relatiosnship with recently saw me after a few months of being ill and it wasnt hey how are you not that she cares it was my god your even more massive than last time this hurt me bad very bad i have pcos just diag also thyroid prob my weaight has always been up but ive gained at least 7 stone since last year im not eating any diffrent noone believes that but i know i cant help it if my bodys decide to become a human blimp can i diets dont work not for me i cant understand why fat people have to conform to the thin ways of dressing eating being if you arnt thin your an outcast ps i am on benefits have an older hubby who is also ill at moment and i understand how stressful it is just getting up everyday i try my hardest to lose weight but the more i try the more i gain for some reason i eat more fruits and veg have a main meal a light dinner and small supper like yogurt and fruit still gaining i give up

  2. Yeah, I figure it serves very fat women no good purpose to try and squeeze themselves into thin people's clothes which are NOT comfortable, don't move with their bodies and often IMPEDE movement and comfort. I just see too many fat women wearing jeans and they do NOT look comfortable. I wish your mother would stop blaming you. Does she know you have PCOS? There needs to be more education about PCOS out there. I know they didn't believe me either which is why I got so sick in first place. I am still questioning all the extremely frightening and weird food allergies and strange development of never having enough vitamins in my body, that doctors are tracking. I eat salads [had one yesterday that was shared with friend, it was big made out of all veg...and snack on fruit, ate a plum yesterday among other food, and cucumbers, etc. It makes no sense to me. I think it is stupid for fat people to have to conform to thin ways of dressing. Why do we have to? Sorry you are dealing with an ill husband and facing strains of being on disabled. I hope you can at least get your weight to stop coming on. I try to make sure I AM NOT GAINING. ARe they treating your PCOS, are you on Spiro? or Metformin or even getting thyroid treatment. The doctors need to do more so your weight can at least be stabilized. If I did not take Spiroaldactone, [they give it to me for heart issues too, I know I'd gain weight like gangbusters from the androgens coming back. I would get swarthier, browner and more fat would come back.