Saturday, June 8, 2013

Medical Update: My Nightmare Body and Scary Medical World

I gained 30lbs in 2 and half months which is very scary given I was exercising almost everyday making sure to never miss a walk and was eating healthy enough. I did have company and the weather has been great so was out and doing far more, so very exhausted, it could be water weight.
I feel like time is short, so I was running around trying to "live life" and do things with a friend while the weather allowed it and I was out of my housebound cage.

The nurses at my kidney doctors were even in shock I gained so much and so fast. The expression on their faces was very interesting. My husband said "Remember at Weight Watchers, they'd notice you gaining 30 even within 2 weeks and losing it!" Yes I remember that, the ladies there doing the weigh ins, one told me to go to see a doctor. I told her I had serious medical problems already being monitored.

When I tell you living in this body is a nightmare, I am not holding back anything. It is a definitely nightmare. Diet and exercise make you lose weight? What an absolute joke. I feel like I live in an alternative universe having been cursed with a monster body.

My kidney stone the one caught in the kidney GREW, they told me that I could have surgery to remove it, very risky, or take pills to dissolve it, only problem is the medication to dissolve it contradicts with Spiroaldactone, so that means the doctors have to find another congestive heart medicine and I get to have PCOS or endocrine androgens raging through my body but I told the doctor that is less risky. Anesthesia which is needed in the other procedures feels like a death sentence with my breathing problems.

I found out this, that I am too fat for any of the EWLS tables where they blast the kidney stones with sonar [who determines these things?] even two hours north of me at a larger medical center. I am seriously scared to be honest, it is a lot of stress. If you know of a place that can work on someone at my size [486-516lbs] please tell me. Please pray for me. Nothing seems real with this body. I had enough to deal with medically before the kidney stones knocked on the door.

I told the kidney doctor that I need an endocrinologist to get to the root of why this is happening. He has made a note of my history of Pseudo-Cushings-I showed him the old medical records of the high cortisols. I know for a time my parathyroids were off, and they are testing the PTH levels though those are normal now, so I do not know what is going on. I know ever since the kidney stones started a year ago I have not felt right. So many chills, exhaustion and other weird signs. My body temperature is always very low--95 or 96. The medicine I'm on to keep the kidney stones at bay, allpurinol has worked but how long can I stay on it without side affects? I even drank some Braggs Cider Vinegar reading on line it dissolves kidney stones and that is not pleasant tasting, even watered down.

I am praying but I feel often overwhelmed with my own body.

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