Sunday, June 23, 2013

Setting New Goals

I need focus and lots of it. I have decided there are some things I want to get done. I need to make a to-do list even to get done while being housebound due to heat this week.

These include:

1. I want to have another art show. I've had three independent ones. The last one was in 2009.

2. Get a cartoon book done. I've never been published but want to get this done.

3. Find a new endocrinologist, get to the bottom of what is causing the kidney stones.

4. I have been doing more volunteer projects regarding art in the community, I have smaller goals related to this, this includes art therapy related projects and doing a painting sit-in. I live in an area that is having great things expand in the arts and culture realm.

5. I have been in a support group for fat women, it does have some diet talk but the main endeavor is support and help. I am seeking to implement small steps health wise. One thing about being in this group is they have had a lot of encouragement to offer me. They know what I am dealing with is beyond normal.

6. I am going to return hope in my life. My story is not over yet!


  1. Hi,I just found your blog and have read through a lot of it. I am glad to see a voice of reason and critical thinking about obesity issues. I spend too much time reading all kinds of stuff on the Inernet, and both fat acceptance and fat hatred ideas have seemed toxic to me, FA in a more subtle way, sure, but still. I've tried to drink the kool aid about HAES, but I've always had the niggling feeling that it marginalizes larger people. I'm very liberal/social justice-minded type, but those groups can get narrow-minded, and it's a shame some bloggers delete your comments and whatnot.

    Also, good luck with the goals!

  2. if you haven't already, check out the self-publishing on it looks pretty interesting, and I've discovered some great writing on there (i imagine there are cartoons and art books too).

  3. Thanks first anon, I agree about both sides being toxic, and sure the HAES stuff really is for the healthy and wealthy fat. Thanks for admitting some of those groups get narrow minded.

    Second anon, I may self publish both. I would have to revamp the written book on obesity, though I used segments of it here, to update it, since most was written around 1998-99.

    With the graphic novel, I may try and sell it, when it's done, but then self publish that too.
    Amazon. com sounds interesting. I also would like to print off my entire blog. LOL Just to have it, if that makes sense. :)