Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Global Obesity Rate Through the Roof! Is it the FAST FOOD?

So what has changed?

More access to "fast food" and corporate food?

Could they be importing the food that has been fattening Americans up for decades overseas?

It's not like everyone woke up and thought let's get fat!

Notice what they say about Mexico being opened to cheap junk food and soda pop in the video above.

The rest of the world is catching up with America.

What they put in fast food, to preserve it, give it a great appearance, be fast and quick is indeed messing with our bodies and metabolisms.

It's not like a billion people on earth decided to start being lazy and overeat, its what's in the food!


  1. You're right, Peep. People overall aren't "guilty" of laziness and gluttony. Most of us are guilty of having stressed lives and eating on the run. I'm a nurse and my schedule is crazy. I admit that when I'm coming home from work, I often go through the drive thru. I really don't feel like cooking after a long shift, and neither does my husband.
    Granted, I've always been a big person, but I've never been a lazy person. I hate that stereotype of fat people with a purple passion. Most of us are not in any way lazy.
    When I was a child, we had fast food maybe three or four times a year at most. My mother gave us home-cooked, balanced meals. I wasn't thin then either, but the quality of the food was so much better than what I ended up giving my kids a lot of the time.
    The diet industry makes billions shaming people. Meanwhile, Big Food makes big bucks feeding people poisoned food. I'm trying to get away from relying on fast food so much because I know how bad it is.

  2. Thanks Aurora. They can't claim a billion people on the planet all suddenly woke up and decided to become "lazy gluttons". I know when I was working I never had time to cook and even worked several jobs sometimes so I didn't even get the normal meal times. I never was lazy either. During my weight gain as I wrote on here, I was very poor, food was in short supply and finding GOOD stuff was very hard. They are making big bucks feeding people poisoned and nutritionally deficient food on one end and on the other shaming them and telling them they are lazy and the fat is their fault. Thanks for understanding. I think we were far better off on the food of yesterday. These countries were better off before the corporate foodists moved in.