Wednesday, July 19, 2017

False Religious Displays

Saw this online, definitely says a lot. Trump keeps parading the false preachers out. That's a couple giant rocks on those hands. How can people be fooled by this garbage? I have another online friend now refusing to talk to me because I have come out against Trump. It hurts. Why do they feel so threatened by other opinions?

It makes me sick how many Christians are fooled by this guy. Lately considering how authoritarianism in Christianity has married itself to false politics of oppression, really has brought me some angst. I haven't been in a church in a couple years but at least where I live, the pro-war rallies and false patriotism sickened me. I do feel more disenfranchised from the evangelical world, and these things do have a spiritual effect. When I try to talk to these Trump-loving Christians and explain to them, that Republicans are threatening my very life with their Medicare and other cuts, they don't care. It's like they want me to go die for the sake of the Republic or the Millionaires or the Social Darwinists.

It is good the Republican bill to destroy Medicare and Medicaid has failed, but then the creeps may still try and push it through again.


  1. This is one Christian who is NOT fooled by this guy! I don't claim to have the answers, but I would suggest you keep your eyes on Jesus and evaluate people who claim to love him "by their fruit." Does Donald Trump produce good or bad fruit? You already know the answer. He does NOT belong to the Lord.

    1. I am glad you are not fooled by him. It seems those who aren't are in the minority thought. Trump is full of BAD FRUIT.

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