Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Less Food Makes My Diabetes Worse

That's not the way it's supposed to work right?
So wonder I am confused.

I ate this big dinner with some scrambled eggs, Bob Evans natural sausage, home made biscuits, and some canned fruit, which by all accounts is supposed to be a "naughty" meal for a fat person and got the lowest blood sugar in a month the next morning. Yesterday for dinner, I ate a baked pork chop and a half and a cut up tomato,a peach, some pasta and got a good one this morning.

Our food budget was cut down to nothing for a time. I was eating nothing but hardboiled eggs, or egg sandwiches, old apples and cheap salami or turkey sandwiches. There was some carrot sticks and green peppers in the mix too. We had some normal dinners but food was more limited. My body seems to say, "Not enough food, screw you!" My blood sugars were up by 20 points.

Of course the body never loses weight on less calories either. All the advice they give does not work, and I try to follow what I can. Diabetes is weird, because they tell me this stuff that is "supposed to work" and it doesn't. I even have noticed if I eat "too few carbs" the sugars skyrocket. It is like a science project from hell. Oh a lot of meat or protein, and the sugars like that.


  1. Mine does the same thing. There isn't always a connection between what I eat and my blood glucose. Sometimes low carb meals cause a spike and sometimes my best readings are after a carb heavy meal. But other times it works the way it's "supposed" to.

    My doctor said to look at ongoing blood glucose trends instead of individual readings. And that what I'm eating may not be having as big of an effect as other factors.

    So, you're not alone, and my doctor validates this and says every diabetic is different, and our bodies don't always follow the rules.

    It's frustrating I know.

  2. I am done! Need advice