Saturday, July 1, 2017

Those Recipe Videos on Facebook

Ever watch those recipe videos on Facebook or elsewhere? I always wonder about those things, because the recipes seem as fattening as possible. When it comes to cheese which I actually went 10 years without eating until I discovered the miracle of Lactase Milk making lactase intolerant me able to digest it, too much of a good thing seems kind of gross. It's an interesting societal trend that people love these videos that seem to include as much cheese as possible and a whole stick of butter to be melted in the pot. At least the low fat thing has been proven to make for fatter people but then going to the other extreme seems a bit unwise. This recipe is kind of the epitome of what I am talking about. I have eaten some foods like macaroni salad and ate a crispy chicken sandwich today but it's like something is weird with these recipes where they are made to be as fattening as possible.Macaroni and cheese is rich enough, why does it need a dough topping and endless slices of cheese surrounding it? The bacon craze lasted for some time too.

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