Saturday, July 1, 2017

Losing Weight With AYDS Candy

Even back then they were trying to sell weight loss via sweets. That always bugged me when I went to Weight Watcher meetings and most of the foods they sold were all sweets, candy this and that. It was strange. I guess no one expected the fat people to desire savory food over sweets. This "diet" candy had a very unfortunate name, and I wonder if that is why they went out of business in the early 1980s.


  1. LOL, my siblings and I ate a box of AYDS like it was caramel candies. Our adopted narc mother was mad because we ate sweet foods and she knew we were tired of diet foods that tasted funny--foods that contains chemicals rather than organic foods. My adopted narc mother told us that she stopped buying. AYDS candies because she was afraid we would get some from eating these candies. She made a vague claim that AYDS candies contained dangerous ingredients but did not specify which ingredients. I did not see AYDS candies in the market for three decades and I just found out from this blog that it went out of business. It's too bad that diet companies are using sweet foods instead of a variety of real healthy foods that taste better. :(

    1. I wonder how many kids ate those thinking they were real candies, someone wrote on line that the ingredient for the appetite suppression was from cold medicine, I don't see how that would work but it sounds dangerous, and then why would they give sugary things out which cause more hunger? It makes you wonder what they are really up to with diet products, more like they WANT to fatten people up. Yes Weight Watchers really bothered me with their sweets and they were trying to sell this stuff to us at every meeting, I never had money for it.