Friday, February 25, 2011

Exercise While Hugely Fat

I wish I had a garden or a yard to go putter in, somehow waltzing around an apartment parking lot, isn't thrilling for the exercise factor. I wish there was a place where a 500lb woman could go do weights or have an exercise bike specially made for them. If they really cared about having us fat people lose weight, why not reach us half way? I was able to get help from physical therapists to get moving and lift can weights and further my walking able to do it slowly without falling over, so now I can walk twice as far as I used to be able to. I heard the idea of buying a wii and doing the personal workouts. Heck even the fishing and bowling games are exercise for me. If only I could afford one, maybe later.

Anyhow I endeavor to try and get more exercise and get a more active life. In my mind, sometimes I think the apartment life stinks, and I dream of gardening in a yard well as much as possible. Need to act on making more of this happen, if only money wasn't so short. Maybe I can get some ideas from this guy: "How Does a Super Super Obese Man Exercise"? There are days I could just spend in bed. I stand to do the dishes, I walk the length of the apartment building everyday and lift can weights, yes I know most people my size are wheelchair bound which scares me. People don't realize just moving this body around hurts, and sometimes just getting through an ordinary day, is hard. But exercise did improve one of my heart conditions, and well my stamina is better. So couldn't I take it further? If only I'd start losing more and faster.


  1. A Wii is a good idea, although as you've already identified, they're pretty pricey! But the games are fun and you don't even realise you're exercising when you do them.

    If you get the Wii Fit, it comes with various games for various fitness aspects (e.g. balance, stamina, etc) and even tells you things like how many calories you burned doing a particular exercise (which I always find pretty discouraging because I move around until I'm sweaty then they're like "you burned 8 calories", lol!)

    I was going to do a review of the Wii Fit on my blog but shelved the idea in favour of other game reviews, maybe in a couple of weeks time I'll dig up the old post again!

  2. Thanks Katrina, I am hoping I can get one soon, I think they could be fun, I have played one at a relatives house before where I enjoyed especially the fishing game, which does take some arm movement.