Friday, February 25, 2011

From Cowcake Blog: "Obesity Boondooglers"

Another blogger response to my "Letter to Obesity Researchers" below an an article entitle "Obesity Boondooglers" and makes a very good point:

"Indeed, one wonders the exact same about the science of obesity which shows such utter lack of urgency as I've never encountered from a field that has talked up the lethal nature of the adipose cell to the extent where it can secure mucho funding, which is when seemingly all said 'urgency' peters out.

Not to mention its utter lack of vocation, intellectual curiosity or even real respect for reason perhaps even science which they seem to turn into a parody of itself. It has disgusted me to the point that I can barely stand to be in contact with it.

As 500poundpeeps states;

When I looked into this stuff, this was the late 90s, I couldn't find ONE study that had taken the severely obese over 400-500lbs and actually seriously studied them.

That is almost as appalling as weight loss butchery 'cos as everyone knows even if you have only a cursory interest in any topic, what's one of the first things you want to know? How bad can it get? What's the most, the least, the greatest, most extreme outlandish example of it"

Good point, it is appalling. Lately I wonder if there are any groups I could bring this to the attention of. Sometimes I think they want fat people to feel as much pain as possible to lose weight. In the back of mine, I think they aren't studying us, because the pain and suffering of obesity makes too much money to really help "solve it". When I get time, that blog entry is going to be forwarded to a few out there.


  1. Thank you.

    I'm glad you are speaking out about your experiences your voice needs to be heard by everyone.

    For me studying the human metabolism-therefore weight-is no different to studying any other aspect of human biology and the obesity crusade has made no difference to that.

    It's not just about people who are fat there are people dying because their bodies cannot retain enough weight to survive.

    Biology is not a moral issue except to find out honestly how it works.

  2. Thanks Wriggles. I actually think many people are malnourished today even from the bad food. I have vitamin shortages the doctors have found [eat fruits and vegetables everyday] so what does that tell you? I wish there would be some objective study of obesity because that sure is lacking.