Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carrot Chips and Organic Udon Noodles

I am continually tweaking the diet to control digestive problems. I went and priced this nutritional supplement health juice, that is very costly at a local vitamin shop but it has every vitamin, enzyme and mineral known to man in it, and I often have suspected that my body is dealing with some mal-absorption problems and want to see if it will help with some health problems. It's 35.00 bucks so a purchase for later in the week.

I do dabble in the alternative medical world, though I avoid some of the wooh-wooh stuff, I've felt the benefits of colloidal silver--used on a skin problem--I have yet to ingest any, herbs and other treatments. Sometimes it does take a lot of work, to find good food and the healthy stuff, it certainly does take me a lot of thought. Finding my favorite organic udon noodles, takes some doing but at least sometimes I do hit success, whoever made the carrot chips I found today, I want to thank them, they are extremely tasty, and digestible. Somehow I think to myself I must be the only woman this size skulking around the health food stores but perhaps not? While many within those places seem as lean as greyhounds, maybe there are few other fat people like me, who have to find good food to stay alive as well.

I've had a bit frustrations eating out, it seems everything is cheese laden, or high in fat or calories. I have to avoid fat to keep from getting sick, eating a fast food chicken sandwich put me under for two entire days, what ARE they putting in that stuff?
Thats it, never again. Can someone inform the restauranteurs, that some of us want more then a parade of pizza, subs and hamburgers?

Sometimes I think if they want to get serious about the obesity epidemic, they need to face the garbage being poured into our food and make the good stuff far more accessible and less expensive. The times I have the money and wherewithall, to go on a health food shopping trip, it takes usually going to three places, at least one store does offer organic veggies and meat, so that helps.

I am thinking more and more, you HAVE to spend the money or find it, it makes such a difference in how you feel. My doctor thinks I could be allergic to MSG of all things? Why not let it join the allergy parade. One can tell when food does actual nourishment or just passes through you, causing nothing but trouble.

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  1. I've ingested colloidal silver plenty of times in the past, and my skin has never turned bluish. I've seen the scare stories on the web, and I believe that some people were ingesting way too much, and/or making their own colloidal silver, and that's what caused their skin to turn blue.

    I can no longer handle any fast food either, except for fries and just the meat from the hamburger, with no sauce. I had a similar reaction as you to a chicken sandwich years ago and I've never eaten anything like that again. I have no idea what would set me off like that, but I'm thinking it probably was in the sauce. - chakradancer