Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Obesity is Bad, We Get That"

"Obesity is Bad, We Get That"...

This article kind of goes along with a theme I've discussed on this blog, ok we know obesity is bad and leads to a lot of health problems well how about a real cure?

Diets don't work. They may have a short-term effect but, unless you can maintain a celebrity-like iron grip on your eating for the rest of your life (and few can) they are not a permanent solution and can have negative effects. For some people, like me, they don't work at all, because of complex endocrine deficiencies that are only recently being properly investigated, documented and understood. People tend not to believe that a medical condition can cause weight gain, but the little-known – and devastating – Cushing's disease is one such cause, alongside more well-recognised but not yet fully understood illnesses including hypothyroidism and PCOS (sometimes referred to as metabolic syndrome because, yes, it does affect men too).

It's easily understood that we are less active and eat more processed food than our ancestors did, and we have seen our size increase as a result – not just weight but height and shoe sizes, too. But that's not the whole story. Why do some people manage to eat as much as they like and yet remain slim, while others gain weight even on a restricted diet, with healthy levels of exercise? Why are children increasingly affected by obesity? There are pieces of the puzzle – the social elements, the dietary issues, the medical problems, the genetic picture, the psychological factors – that are still missing. And it is on that absent information that our research efforts ought to be focused.

What is sad is all the snide comments under her article, They just won't let go of the usual failed answers will they? Until someone actually starts listening to fat people, I fear no changes will be forth coming and that includes the medical researchers. The thin people eat too, and do not let them make you think they do not.


  1. Those comments make me very angry. They are like a bunch of ignorant parrots, just repeating the same old trite, prejudiced myths. Before anyone is allowed to comment on the obese or give them useless so-called advice, they ought to be made to list everything they've eaten in the past week.

  2. They never believe you anyway. I had the diet journals and rest. Once even took pictures of the food plates and letter of best friend who I have lived with, and then fiance, writing letters to doctors about what I ate. Still told I was lying. I get tired of the comments too, agree with you, like people can control their environment totally. There are too many ignorant parrots in this society about too many things, and obesity is top of the list!

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