Sunday, April 27, 2014

Being Fat Sucks Channel on YouTube

Language warning on this one. I saw this channel on Youtube, whybeingfatsucks, I'd avoid it mostly, they promote the usual diet and exercise stuff that doesn't work. Do what you can bodywise, but I worry about the fat people on there they may bring down the self esteem of.

 There is a line between size acceptance delusion I've written about and going back and embracing the "you are scum for being fat" and "a bunch of fat pigs"- diet industry line. From what I can tell they are doing a youtube version of The Biggest Loser" Her worries about rape, make me wonder if she has faced abuse in her life.  The commenters below this video are awful. Yes fat women do get raped. I had an attempted rape made against me, I knew self defense from my job. They told me their intentions as they jumped on top of me and I had to fight to get away. I was mid-weight gain, maybe around upper 400s then? Her brave face to the world, is one many fat people have to put on, where they say the insults don't bother them inside when they really do.

Also What is wrong with being a virgin? If anything at least in the old days everything wasn't about sex and coupling up. Today if anything we need less promiscuity. The Being Fat Sucks channel seems to promote all the very worse stereotypes, like this guy being show eating 6,000 calories of fast food. Hope he loved living in the bathroom for a week eating that slop.

If I ate even one meal like that, I'd be dead. I wish Being Fat Sucks wasn't more of the usual mainstream stuff, think out of the box people for once....

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