Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mal-Nutritioned Fat People

When Mal-Nutrition Causes Obesity

On my medical records, I am listed as mal-nutritioned. I have computer access to some records and it is is in there. They know I am not being starved. No matter how broke we have gotten , my husband always makes sure I have regular meals even to keep my diabetes in check. Yes I eat vegetables and fruits, though the quality of my diet can be affected due to outside factors via food insecurity. Vegetables are the first thing eaten in this household. There is also the matter of several food allergies that impact things for me. So no one is starving me and I am not on any extreme diets. My body does not process food correctly from what I have read on lipedema, there seems to be some leaky gut and other connections. My doctor recently ordered 3 vitamins for me to take. I have been anemic before too on and off.

One of my personal beliefs about obesity in America, is that people are hungrier because food is lower in nutrients and so the body goes looking for more nutrition and takes in more calories and food. This is if anything is the worse attribute in processed food where so many nutrients and micro-nutrients have been removed. I await the time when the fruit and veggies stands open around here with anticipation because my own food quality skyrockets as things become far more affordable.

I wanted to share these comments they are from Zero Hedge, with commenters on this article.

"It's a result of being calorie rich and nutrient poor. A high fructose corn syrup diet has sufficient calories but totally insufficient nutrients. The body will therefore continue to eat in an attempt to satisfy the need for nutrients. The perfect example is a pregnant woman who has insatiable cravings for certain foods and at the same time packs weight on like crazy. A woman who has ample stores of nutrients and a nutrient rich diet should not get fat in pregnancy.

I know it's hard to believe but those fat people are actually starving. Starving of nutrients

totally get the sentiment, not a fan of fat people but just want to point out, calories are completely different from nutrition. a lot of the obesity you're seeing is the human body looking for nutrition and way over consuming calories to find it.

what that means is the processed food they eat has NO nutritional value in vitamins and minerals so the body is actually starving but has been overdosed on calories looking for real nutrition

the human body is an amazing machine, just needs the proper fuel and then it doesn't get fat. diets are a complete fraud"

I totally agree.


  1. They lost me with their "not a fan of fat people" statement. Way to throw some hate in there. Nasty.

  2. Yeah I didn't like that. I mean why defend fat people and then toss that in?

  3. I agree that our food is less nutritional. I have noticed since I have intestinal problems and can't eat the variety and such, I am hungrier and eat more food with less nutritional value , like rice cakes..I would rather be gaining weight with pizza or something delicious.. But no..

    1. when I am food insecure, I am far hungrier, and it's bad business, and then can have weight gain going into starvation mode. One can't lose weight on any of the bad food. I think rice cakes are like eating styrofoam. One must not even bother. Eat some real rice with a little butter on it, more nutrients in that.

  4. Can't eat butter. I am sometimes too tired to cook the rice, but I need to make it a priority. Sometimes I just don't want my whole life to be about taking care of my body. I have other aspirations and desires..I resent feeling forced to endlessly for over twenty years be focused on health that doesn't improve much..

    1. Sometimes I wonder if its worth all the work. One wants to have a life too and it seems to fall apart despite all my efforts anyway but then maybe I wouldn't have lasted this long. I know cooking rice is a pain, I am used to cooking a lot in my case, just to get decent food to eat.