Saturday, March 18, 2017

This 600lb Life with James K Horrified Me

This poor man has leg infections up the whazoo. One of the most mistreated areas for fat people is for lymphedema and of course Lipedema. Even looking at this man's earlier pictures, one can tell his lymph system is falling with the multiple bulges in his legs. They claim he is an eating addict, like they do with everyone on 600lb life, but one thing I knew for sure seeing this show was this man had serious lymphedema and infection problems that were being massively NEGLECTED FOR YEARS. I am surprised he had not died alone from that. He doesn't have the best personality either. This show doesn't make fat people look good. Going to Dr. Now should have been the last thing on his list, his legs were so bad. I didn't like seeing the Dad mortgage the house or the young daughter having her future put on hold to be a caretaker. The marriage also seemed off. I think they chose the most extreme fat people for this show even beyond the physical.


  1. Somehow through a string of strings, I landed at your blog. I've read some posts here. First let me start off by are not alone, and I gather you know that. I cannot begin to feel your pain because I am not in the same position. What I can state, I think I "get" you. I read your post about Whitney being made a fool of on TLC. Sadly, I strongly believe she IS lazy...forget her weight, her poor diet, her enabling family, friends, writers on the show - she has found a paycheck and all she has to do is not a whole lot. Her positivity has gone by the wayside. Each season, each episode, the viewers have seen the show become more ridiculous, more outlandish, Whitney grow larger, Whitney play the victim, and Whitney do anything for money - meanwhile, no, she cannot dance comfortably, she cannot ski, she cannot ride a bike, she cannot exercise, she cannot clean her cats' liter box, but she can pretend a pregnancy and taking a dip in the lady pond ---- for ratings. Meanwhile, we've seen her in pain, suffer embarasment, be unable to wear shoes, tolerate Lenny as a bf, and pretend she is perfectly happy being long as staying large ensures her that TLC paycheck. Heck, I think her life as portrayed on tv is sad and unfulfilling. I think she has betrayed her own mission. I think, as you wrote in a post, that she is quite sick. That written....

    I come to this post. Good lord, I did watch this episode with James K on it. I must admit, were he an able bodied male, the moment he started in with his whiney crybaby b.s., I'd kick him to the curb. Certainly, I would not have enabled his condition by cooking him mounds and mounds of greasy foods topped with gravy. I will never understand why someone would travel all the way to Texas just to be sent home to lose 50 pounds. Then, be unable to do it. Unwilling to do it. James wanted magic, and he wasn't willing to do a thing, not even after suffering a heart attack, then bold-faced lied to the doctor. Certainly, Dr. Now, and every smart phone, have the ability to face time each other, or at the very least, the empire filming the show can hook up the doctor and the patient via email or daily videos, and Dr. Now can tell the patient to lose 50 lbs before even venturing to Texas. Perhaps each show should begin by telling us that the patient shouldn't even come to Texas before reaching 600 pounds.

    James REALLY was quite difficult to watch. His girlfriend wants him to get thinner so he can get out of bed, cook for himself, wipe is own ass, so she can leave him; it seemed that perhaps in the back of her mind she was happy to feed him to death to be free of him. Either way, right?

    His daughter didn't go to school so she could stay home and feed him. Or clean him. IDK....but it isn't right.

    James may even be dead by now. Lord knows his attitude was "if I can't get the surgery I might as well eat whatever I want because eating makes me happy." Now, where you and I may have some grey area is...yes, metabolic challenges enhance/cause weight gain. BUT, when you see someone like James shoveling food into his face while lying in bed, and his GF has made him 6 eggs, 5 sausage patties, biscuits and gravy, and he has seconds, that does nothing to do away with the notion that fat people are fat because they eat too much.

    Whatever happened to you in your childhood, I empathize, I sympathize. Myself included, childhood could have been better. My adulthood has been better, and my child's childhood was, indeed, much better. Having her helped me heal, and I still at 57 years old sometimes wrestle with my childhood.

    I just wanted to say that I feel you. I wish you well. I wish you peace. Never give up. Hugs.

    1. Hi welcome to the blog D. Carlen.

      Thanks for saying you get me. Yes I see Whitney displayed a fool, with her weird "joker's smile" the last show with the fake kiss and failed dance contest was too much, the dance contest was between midsized 300lb people plus and overweight plump thick women, I can see why one side won.

      I agree the show probably provides a living far easier then a 9-5 paycheck, I read somewhere most of the friends are "hired" in....etc.

      The show if anything displays the horrors of being fat. It has not helped with any "acceptance" and we see before us the "failed" health answers {I don't know exactly what she eats but obviously the exercise and usual answers aren't helping her much} The show can kind of trigger me because I had my years of walking for miles, trying to play golf in high school, dancing at clubs and still getting fatter then hell anyway. It has shown her absolute delusion about being overweight and the limitations of size acceptance, bringing forth my two sides of the coin argument, while they tell us to accept "fat" and "being sick", and fatten up the population by design, adulterated food and toxic life styles, the reality of being fat is misery YOU CAN'T DO THINGS the same way. Whitney is in far better health then I ever was, SHE CAN BREATHE, but she has crossed the 350 rubicon where acute disability begins. Whitney while I watch the show is a disappointment. She is like the "StepandFetchIt" of the fat world. She is not empowering to me or other fat women.

      She can't dance, she can't ski, nor ride a bike or exercise, you are right. She even fell over in the shower one day and needed "rescued". I can't put her down for those things since I cannot do them either but at least I did not tell the world, "oh it's great to be fat, I'm going to be this amazing dancer no matter how fat I am". My lungs were gone even before severe obesity came to me.


    2. The worse of it to me is the cloying narcissism, shallowness and men who are not really that into her. The show fulfills the stereotype-- of the typical fat women who can only find gay male "friends" [sorry for this politically incorrect term "fag hag"] and never could find a faithful husband or boyfriend who is actually "in love" or "attracted" to her. Even the banter with the young radio man was sad, as he definitely was just being "nice" and she thought he was in love with her. If anything this show is a subtle tear-down of the fat woman with every bad stereotype adding up.

      It is hard for me to watch shows with the bedbound fat people, my worse nightmare come to life. I am in bed a lot but can get up and cook, shower self, take a bus, and walk "some". I can't imagine it. I actually have prayed God takes me before I end up completely bedbound. I have empathy for these people because bedboundness happens EASILY to the severe Lipedemic stage IV people and I was almost there at 700lbs once.

      His whininess got on my nerves too. I am the type that if I get that sick would not want to burden any family members and if I had a child would say hell no, to them being home taking care of me instead of getting their own life. I have had discussions with husband about how much "burden" I should not impose on him, he has his own health problems. I have stayed in the same community with part of that decision focused on the future and a day program that takes care of the fragile disabled, starting at the age of 55 to plan ahead for the easing of the burdens on my husband. Watching someone take caretakers for granted always kinds of bother me. I think it was stupid to send him to Texas too and I have seen other shows like that. Whatever happened to Skype, show the bad legs and swollen limbs via video. I cannot travel to Texas without dying, I have not traveled more then 100 miles in 6 years and I can still get up and walk out to a car and get in the front of a van. I take rides in other people's cars too even some sedans if they are big enough and no one has to get me in or out and sometimes they have to help me with my walker but I do not consider myself as surviving such a trip so I think that show is insane, putting lives at risk to visit the doctor.
      I wondered too if the girlfriend wanted to feed him to death. I felt horrible about the girl being used too. 600lb life does fat people a disservice focusing on all the severe eating addicts. I don't know what they would make of me, but then I realize they'd never put someone like me on TV. LOL they'd erase the show with me discussing obesity and never allow it to be aired. I love vegetables and healthy food and the most tasty thing I ate in two days was an Indian cooked cabbage dish I made. Yeah they would not know what to do with me. Sometimes I wonder if these shows tell even the metabolically challenged, now you got to pig out now, or you can't be on the show, still I know realistically some do have to eat that way, there ARE eating addicts but people with low metabolisms, endocrine problems and the rest are left out in the cold. Thanks for your kind words.

      Thanks regarding childhood. I merely repressed things during the LC years, I am glad I had my adult life from age 21, but I sat there still with the LC taking abuse from people. My NC relieves me. I believe I lived longer too. I am glad you have healed and your child has done better too and you broke the cycle.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Keep on keeping on; its really all we can do, until we cannot.