Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thrush in Hell

 See all that stuff above, I USED all of it. I even have tried crushed Tums, and Benadryl on thrush sores. It didn't work. Warm to hot water with salt, did help "some". Vinegar didn't do squat. Baking soda didn't cut it for me either. 

Sorry I have been gone some time for me, I got the flu and then later I go such terrible thrush, I thought the mouth pain was going to kill me. One day I wanted to clean the kitchen, and it took hours, and I followed my old Occupational Therapist's directions of resting and working for ten minutes at a time. I bleached the whole thing down, I scrubbed cupboards. The fridge was left undone and my husband had to wipe the tiled floor down, but it looked a lot better.

We had maintenance people coming into the apartment to fix a leak in the bathtub plumbing that had raised up a little mold, which is thankfully all fixed and gone. I didn't want them seeing the place look like a pit. One thing worries me every time I "push" myself it seems I get sick. It is frustrating. I can't spend my whole life in bed.

 I got this terrible thrush. My mouth felt like it had been lit on fire. I have tried everything probotics, avoiding sugar like the plague, drinking organic cider vinegar, eating yogurt--I love Siggi's the kind they don't add a ton of sugar to like too many others but can't always afford it, and whatever I can come up with. It's like my immune system is toast.

The flu was horrible but everyone told me it was going around town and even thin and "normal" people were barfing their guts out. How on earth am I catching things when I live as a near hermit? Don't ask me.  Two weeks later, the thrush mouth sores felt like hell warned over. I was crying for 48 hours straight, they kept me awake. I had blisters all over the black of my tongue down my throat.  Shaking my fist to the heavens, I screamed at least twice to God, "Why do You hate me?" My husband said, "You need to go to the ER!". I said, "It will cost 500 dollars, I know this crap is THRUSH!". Nystatin failed. My at home doctors called me in Diflucon. My liver may get eaten but it did make it go away. Linocaine helped with the sore pains, but many I could not reach. Put on the edge of a spoon handle, that was the only way I could drop it into some of the farthest reaches of my mouth and tongue.

 It was so disgusting. I took Nyquil for pain and to allow myself some sleep. I'm even dipping all my toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide, and other stuff to avoid it again. My sugars have been pretty controlled so I don't know why this is happen. My immune system is crap.  Did two car break downs and lack of money and stress do it? Was being low on food and stuck with food pantry stuff doing it? I felt desperate for salad a few days.

Question to readers, what kind of specialist would deal with immune system problems? I am getting the flu, and thrush way too much. Ironically leg infections have been stable at least lately. I don't want to be given the "You are diabetic and chronically ill lectures" without any real answers as to the root cause. I am not on any steroids either at this point in time although I do use some steroid cream on the psorasis. I have not taken any antibiotics in around 6 months.  I am avoiding sugar like the plague too.


  1. I know some people who go to a certain naturalologist, or something like that. I can't remember what he's called, some kind of doctor. And I know that one person I know went there for excema. This doctor said that she had a leaky gut, and needed probiotics and a better diet, a healthy one. Then she would cure her excema. Our immune systems can go on the attack, and cause excema, and this might be a cure.

    I know sugar feeds yeast, and that is probably a good idea for you to avoid sugar. I have excema, and I was thinking that maybe my immune system is on the attack trying to make me tear my skin off, I don't know, its weird there are weird reasons why we get things.

    1. I avoid sweets but I could never dare to eat cake, or cookies, now, the yeast would go crazy. I even worry about carbs. Getting healthy food seems hard. Always when broke the carbs are cheaper. I believe I have a leaky gut what else would explain the endless nutritional deficents. I wish I could afford the kind of diet, I really want to be on. I'm having to take what I can get though. Figuring out food is driving me crazy sometimes, would be easier never to be hungry. Saw a recent picture of myself I looked bloated. I have panic for weight gain every second people would not understand. I tell myself well you fit on your bigger walker now to sit on it, so you had to weigh more before. :/ Yeah I have to avoid yeast. I am eating yogurt too but I hate how sweet a lot of it is. I need the expensive siggi's kind. Yes I feel like my skin is falling off, psorasis, and skin flake city--I have eczema too, the only thing that keeps daily itching at bay is using this special Desert Essence Tree Tea Oil shampoo, it helps me a lot. Avacados help the skin itching too just can't always afford them.

  2. Peep, I'm sorry you are going thru sounds very painful With your description, the mouth sores sound like a virus. Does your mouth turn white or just red sores? In addition, I use to caught every virus, then after a flu it would ignite another virus that I was carrying. A mess & a weak immune system.
    My immune system has gotten a lot stronger by´eating 2 TBSP of coconut oil/daily, Vit. D drops, Zinc, & Selenium. A huge improvement for me, check them out...

    1. It turns white and red sores too. I wonder about a virus too, the thrush med worked but don't know if thrush can piggy-back on viruses. I've had the flu at least two or three times this years. I am got some vit D drops and added vitamins, I am going to take now.

  3. Hi again Peeps,
    Wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear about the thrush, that sounds terrible! I wish I had some info to offer, but I don't know anything about it. I hope you find a way to relief soon. I can understand your frustration with all concerned, it is a lot. Don't think me insensitive for my calendar suggestion, obvioudely this is something you might do when your feeling better.
    Sincerely, Michelle

  4. I've done a full yeast free diet several times and found that did work (my own slipping into bad dietary habits is the recurring problem). It's no carbs for a couple of weeks but also nothing fermented or which is or has mold on it. So no cheese, yoghurt, nuts mushrooms or dried anything.

    It can be expensive and not much fun existing on meat, eggs salad and vegetables. Also the first few days the yeast really fights to survive and you feel awful and crave the stuff you can't have. Then it's just boring until you can gradually reintroduce stuff.