Friday, October 20, 2017

A Good Point

"You can’t reconcile with people with whom there was never an attachment."

 This is a good point. I saw it online when I was discussing the ins and outs of abusive pasts with someone. Something to think about. How many therapists push for people to reconcile with those from their past, they never had true relationships with? For all the people I went no contact with, was I ever really attached, were we really close? The people you are close to and attached to, you can share your real self with, you are accepted and not judged. Something to think about when you are trying to learn what constitutes good relationships, and bad ones. One thing I fell into with the toxic friends, was they kept me at a distance. Always doors being shut in my face. The good people are open, you don't have to struggle and 'work so hard'.

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