Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fat Mea Culpa

It always sucks to see a fat person do the mea culpa bit. Her commenters are jerks, screaming at her to go on a diet, and do all these things that obviously aren't working. I went back through her videos and don't agree with the eating videos, but it looks like she has been on the diet merry go around that fat people are so familiar with. She weighs out her carrots, wheat thins and tuna and salads and tons of boring tasteless diet food.

 I felt weird eating a bagel with cream cheese at the coffee shop at my monthly book club, I realized that's the first time I've ever bought food and eaten it there in more then two years of going to this book club. Usually I just get a plain coffee. Thin people all over order lattes, eat cookies and eat giant cheese or chocolate chip muffins at this place. One lady talked about doing a 2,000 mile bike ride who was at the club. How is that possible?

I feel sorry for this girl, she's so overweight very young. Beating herself up is not going to remove the weight or magically make her a thin person. Sadly this is a sign of what has been done to fat people where we are told we must apologize even for existing.


  1. It's so strange and awful how much fat hating there is. It's so knee-jerk, like a racism or sexism thing - like just the sight of a person looking a certain way can enrage some people. I'm not fat but I'm a brown person and sometimes you see someone look at you and you can see they just wish you were dead, just because of how you look. It's bizarre if you think about it. It's not like this poor girl is covered in evil, she's just overweight. Sorry that you can't even enjoy a bagel without feeling judged.

    1. I'm worried it's growing worse too, there seems to be a backlash as the fat logic crowd has taken over. People get enraged. I wonder if I am spared some troubles, because people can tell something is wrong besides 'fat" with the leg wrappings, size and distribution. With her though, she reminds me of myself when younger and she is getting it full throttle. Yes there are racists out there, where if you are a different race, all they have to do is see you to get angry, and treat you badly. Yeah she's just overweight, and they are going nuts. The people I was immediately with don't judge me on eating, which is good, but yes I get nervous. Thanks.