Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Oprah for President? Just What We Need, Another Billionaire Narcissist.

Sometimes it's embarrassing to be an American anymore. Some jingoists would shout, "Love it or leave it!" I'd probably sneer at them at this point. This place is growing into a laughing stock via the Orange Cheeto. One thing I am noting in the Democratic party via various Facebook boards, is that Corp Democrats sure hate the Bernie Democrats. I'm more a Bernie one, and I can see the Corp Dems shouting "We need to go where the money is!". I went to a "Revolution" Bernie meeting a few months ago that had an eager smart young man leading that cause and some local area Democrats were there. One seemed outraged when I told him Hillary lost for abandoning labor and the working class but I think I may have gotten a few points across. Anyhow I hope I did.

Can't they find a female politician [of any race] who actually has experience?  Do we need another narcissist that has to be in the public eye no matter what and never will retire even to a ripe old age. Oprah may not be senile, and actually is a more socially astute narcissist, ie: a higher functioning one. Low functioning narcissists piss everyone off like Trump. Trump's money buys obedience but he doesn't know how to direct the charm or has become too senile to pull it off now.

Do we want to be lectured on our weight? One can imagine weight loss focused Oprah, bringing more oppression for fat people. I guess she can tell all the poor they think the wrong thoughts, and are keeping prosperity away from not being positive enough. Oprah has done a lot of damage to American culture via her philosophies. Just what we need for 2020, another celebrity narcissist! The Idiocracy has arrived!


  1. Thank you for saying this! I probably shouldn't be but I am amazed at how excited some people are about her. She believes in some very bizarre stuff.

    1. Thanks, yes she believes in bizarre stuff, I don't want the edicts of "The Secret" imposed on me or Eckhart Tolle.