Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Upcoming Blog Related Projects

                                    a past journal cartoon....grey-rocking has it's doormat limitations

 I have decided to produce two zines from this blog. I am going to take the best narcissist/personal ACON articles and put them together into a paper copy, revamp them a bit, add some writing, and add some Peep illustrations.

 If you want to tell me what your favorite ACON or narcissist articles are, go ahead I would appreciate it.

Another zine will be a fat articles zine, which I will put old writings about weight gain, NAAFA, weight loss, Lipedema and add illustrations as well. 

If you want to nominate a fat article to be included tell me here. Thanks. 


  1. Two of my favorites are False Forgiveness is a Trap with Malignant Narcissists and Tiffany Sedaris