Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Frozen Land


Hope everyone made it through the freeze-a-thon okay!

I was housebound for many weeks. I have noticed a disturbing theme with Decembers. I am sick for the whole month and have been three years in a row. I got bronchitis, and had to go on antibiotics, and early in the month had a leg infection and a sinus infection all at once. This was Ground Hog Day time, as I have a calendar of last year of various activities between the crossed out housebound weeks, and December of 2016 was spent the same exact way. I told husband next year, we will wear face masks and latex gloves with any contact with the public and look like would be criminals to avoid germs. Getting sick when you don't see any other humans for weeks, is weird but he has to go out into the world for food, and work related stuff.

My doctor does not think those two infections were related. The latter cold I caught from my husband, well it was a strange cold/flu hybrid, and instead of lasting about a week, it lasted for weeks and weeks, and ran for my lungs.

 I still feel strange at how long that illness lasted and just quit coughing a few days ago. So I was sick from Dec 3 to sometime last week. On top of that Arctic blasts from the gates of hell, turning where I live into a winter wasteland, temperatures bottomed out in the teens for weeks. I do not live in Minnesota either. Some people probably wanted to throw bricks through their TV watching the Weather Channel go on about "Frozen America".

 I finally get some warm days and now I want to go outside and UPS missed me, for my expensive lung medicine, and did not take it to the apartment office and tomorrow the office is closed, so I hope they don't miss me for the short time I may venture outside tomorrow, or the next day. I already stayed home on purpose today giving up a non-housebound day for it to be delivered, and it didn't show up, even with the slip with the promise on it. Well that is my kind of luck. Today, they claimed the weather is too bad which makes no sense.  I saw the UPS truck driving here to deliver packages and holiday gifts to my shopaholic neighbors as I took walks in the front hall, in the worse of many snow storms.

That's the kind of crap that sends Aspies into crying melt-downs because they have been housebound for an entire month and want to be outside for their few days of relief. My fate has not been one of those blessed people who were classmates of mine in high school now bragging about their endless cruises and vacations to warm areas. Well it's not too bad, I managed to escape outside yesterday.

A friend bought me this cold face mask, I think it will buy me a few temperatures where I can go outside in 31 degrees and keep all the wheezing away. So that was very nice. I have a giant scarf made for giant people, one lady at a protest I went to in 32 degrees, before winter really grabbed us around the throat, said it looked like a blanket. In my case, I've done things like wear blankets outside not to freeze over coats. If I wear both together I will have a chance, as it hits the lowest 30s, but really bad cold is to be avoided.

I have become a Trekkie, I suppose now I can enter full nerd-dom, now that I don't have IFB preachers telling me that science fiction is evil and filling my head with Humanism and the United Federation of Planets represents the evil one world government United Nations.I have enjoyed watching every episode of Star Trek Voyager. I keep having weird thoughts about how the USA seems to be choosing Idiocracy and the Republic of Gilead as a future, instead of Star Trek. I plan to write soon about the effects Bible Prophecy had on me and the effects on politics as a up and coming article.

Hopefully the rest of the winter will be more mild.


  1. I'm sorry you froze to death and the UPS gave you the worst delivery services ever. I complained to their customer services representatives 2 months ago because I noticed their delivery person falsely claimed they attempted to deliver my boxes and skipped my apartment. They did not use my buzzer nor made an effort to deliver. I hope you will be able to avoid using UPS when you order something in the future.

    1. They usually were okay maybe an off day but it was a pain that day. That's terrible you did not get your boxes, did you get them later?