Sunday, February 12, 2012

Searching for a New Endocrinologist

I need to get a new endocrinologist.

I've had two good ones, the doctor who took me pro-bono when he saw how sick I was and did thyroid tests and the second long time small town doctor [he was from Ghana] but excellent who diagnosed the PCOS and Pseudo-Cushings, found troubling adrenal issues and allowed me have 10 more years plus of life. My last nurse physician was very good too, and there they dealt with some para-thyroid issues and other things I was dealing with.

The present one endocrinologist I have, he just doesn't listen. Remember he is not my only doctor but an adjacent specialist. He seems to know a lot about diabetes which I like, but the rest well it is not so good. He rubs his chin and says odd things like "you are the fattest patient, I have ever had who has ever been a "controlled" diabetic, and tells me, yes the woman with serious bowel and digestive issues and respiratory problems that are so bad, I can't even go outside in cold weather, to go sign up for the torture called weight loss surgery. Even after I said to him directly, "Are you nuts?" I'm barfing my guts out now already!" I ask him things about PCOS and he just doesn't seem to know which worries me greatly.

I am noticing some NEW TROUBLING symptoms, and I need someone who is not going to brush me off or has given up on me as would be nursing home material that is not going to get any better. I do wish my stress levels and financial pressures would ease up a bit. I barely stayed out of the hospital the other day having this boil become infected. Thank goodness it was far up enough and on the good leg so I had a chance to fight it off, and used colloidal silver on it, but I was left weak and tired. The doctors did call in some antibiotics. I try to delay using those if I can, because I'm allergic to so many and have developed new allergies to some that even used to save my life.

Some weird symptoms now include being very low on Vit D even taking 50,000 units a week, having past parathyroid problems, which seemed to be alleviated, they were testing them for a time but told me lately they were now normal, my acanthosis nigricans is getting far worse, skin on the back of my thighs is turning brown black, and I can tell I am getting more oily and greasy, and the best way I can describe things,"SWARTHY" even being on Spiro. So that probably means the androgens and testosterone are jacked sky-high again. Something is off, I know it. They say my TSH is normal around 1.0 but I am taking .475 of Synthroid to keep it there which I have heard is such a huge amount even the pharmacists have double checked it.

I have not gained weight, in fact have lost around 70 [way too slow over the last 5 years] but then even keeping the amount of weight I have kept on my body, is scaring me, compared to the food I do eat.

I have asked for help from medical researchers etc, for years. My body sometimes feels like a total enemy. Seems again, I will have to try and convince some recalcitrant types to do some necessary testing. I have ordered OLD records that are 7 years old from the doctor who diagnosed me with the original PCOS and rest. My recent day to day good housecall doctor just left for a new job. I am kind of scared frankly because the fat bigots do outnumber the good ones.

It was good to find out the housecall doctors did have the old records on file, but why were they stored in the main office instead of the one closest to me? I know some of these folks will not believe me when I say "I have PCOS", I better have PROOF.



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