Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking Chronic Disease Management Class

To keep my location more private, I don't want to say the exact name of this class, but it is for people dealing with chronic health conditions and being held by a local agency for the elderly and disabled. They know about my housebound issues but so far the weather has been my friend on the day the class is held. I figure it may have something to teach me, even in terms of day to day functioning and survival. I would like to think I had tried my best in trying to survive. This class meets for 6 weeks, and teaches everything from goal-setting, nutrition, exercise, and communication with doctors. That latter thing for me will be of utmost importance. Many of the people did seem to be in better shape but I know disabilities often are "hidden" too, while many of mine are visible, some are not. I am looking forward to what this class may offer. My first "goal" is to lift can weights for 15 minutes a day followed or preceded by my apartment walk. In 2008, I could not even do 5 repetitions. There are things where help is needed and hopefully these are the folks with some answers at least.

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