Saturday, March 3, 2012

I hate stories like this

"Eating Herself to Death"

"It’s a barely fathomable number, and one which now affords Brenda the dubious distinction of being Britain’s fattest woman. 
It’s a title previously held by Sharon Mevsimler, who weighed in at 45st before her death two years ago of a heart attack, aged 41. She had, effectively, eaten herself to death. 
So now we have Brenda, a year older, but weighing much the same and heading the same way — an extreme case even in a country battling growing levels of obesity. 
Brenda’s weight is so limiting that she has not been outside her overheated two-bedroomed bungalow home in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, for four years, and she requires a team of carers seven days a week to help her with basic functions such as washing and eating. 
Most days, she barely leaves her bed, eking out her hours watching television amid piles of clutter, playing on her laptop and, of course, consuming the chocolate bars and pop that make up the lion’s share of her 6,000 calorie-a-day diet. 
With its commode, safety rail and buzzers to call for help, her bungalow looks as if it has been equipped for a frail pensioner, not a woman who should be in the prime of her life.
It is a profoundly depressing situation — not least if you are a taxpayer and therefore footing the bill for Brenda’s care. She receives £300 in weekly benefits and it costs her local council an additional £400 a week to fund the twice-daily visits by her carers. 
But Brenda’s plight is also highly distressing, and baffling too.
Ok it's the Mail Online known as being tabloidish even in England.

I hate stories like this....Maybe this woman truly is overweight from eating addiction but you wonder if women like this get offered money to pose with a bunch of food like a modern circus side show? If she has all those carers why aren't they cooking decent food for her? Whose buying all that soda and chocolate? My weight is close to this woman but add a half of foot of height.

What is scary to me about this story is the people all clamoring against her getting aides and help. Even if she has an eating disorder what is their solution toss her into the streets to die? Why isn't that being dealt with? Are the aides buying the soda? As society grows more impoverished and governments short on cash, trust me I fear even my own future. Social workers and the like also share fat prejudice, trust me on that one. They don't care about what they consider "your excuses".

If anything if that is this lady's true diet and not the circus side show stunt, if anything she has gained weight via malnutrition outside of endless fats and sugars. What is on the mind of someone portraying themselves this way? For the money? Just saying this is my reality? One wants to grimace even at the indignity of it all.

That apartment of hers, don't know if she is in a home, looks boring, put a picture on the wall for goodness sakes! Get her some books!

Poor woman. Of course I could tell you that I think even Diet Pop [yeah notice it says DIET COKE] fattens people up. That stuff is poison.

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