Friday, March 16, 2012

"I used to be 803 lbs"

I found this website online today called "I used to be 803lbs", I found his story to be very interesting. He went through years of suffering and not being diagnosed and had severe weight gains and was later diagnosed with a severe hormonal disorder. He went the WLS option and died after three years of being bedbound due to complications. He had more videos on Youtube.  Here is a video describing his story, he was on Entertainment Tonight. In the ET video it said he had been housebound for a year. I find myself thinking why did they think WLS would work on a severe hormonal disorder but I understood why he took this gamble having suffered so much at 800lbs. Seeing the love of his friend and of his very pretty wife who stood by him, this is a very emotion-filled story for me.

"I used to be 803lbs"

"Waiting for my real life to begin"

Waiting for My Real Life is about living with obesity. It’s especially a love story and a tragedy. Jeremy Norman died at just 23 after spending more than 3 years bedridden because of complications following gastric bypass surgery. Throughout this time his wife Roberta and his family stood by him and took care of him.

Denise, Jessa, and Fran also tell their stories with happier outcomes.

The film also features several of Washington’s outspoken public interest lawyers who are pushing the fast food industry to make healthy choices available in their restaurants and to let their customers know the fat, salt, and sugar content of what they are eating. Doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request.

Then Karre Norum, a prof at the University of Oslo talks about fast food as the death of the culture of food — a much deeper problem.

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