Friday, March 16, 2012

Video: Why Overweight and Poverty Go Hand In Hand

This is not an endorsement of RT, but definite truths here as well. The narrator is right about how they blame the individuals while they pour in the poison. The choices are structured by the companies who sell us calories. The poor fall more victim to this system too, they are correct about this as well.

Two interesting comments I got from the Youtube website.
Having been a part of the working poor for the duration of my childhood, I can say that the studies have missed what my brother and I dub as the "paycheck meal." Often, blue collar families will eat the most and the best right after getting their paycheck and then have nothing left at the end of the month. This constant binge and withdrawal slows the metabolism and leads to unhealthy eating habits that are hard to break.

I eat far better at the start of a month then I do later as a general trend In fact, it has not escaped my notice there is a pattern to my digestive problems where I have more fruits and vegetables there is far less of a problem. This when I can afford to have more salads, fruits and variety. The blue collar theory above, fits this household. We have times of plenty and want, it would be worse without generous friends who bring meals etc, but it is what it is.

This person sums things up quite well:
There are chemicals in processed food designed to make you crave more, make you eat more, hence get fatter, eat more, and on and on. It's a trap to SELL you more so the corporations can PROFIT from obesity. It's all about the money...Then there's the issue that this mix of chemicals, overtime, is leading to cancer, so then big pharma makes money from your disease. In the process of poisoning you, corporations prosper, and you die "young," thus helping control the world population explosion.

It's all about profit.

When I talk about my problems with size acceptance, such things are ignored. I see size acceptance where they want fat promoted, [fat people should BE helped and not discriminated against] as part of this overall system, where fat Americans will not ask some questions about why are we growing so huge? Where they will be given two non-choices, told they must accept their growing obesity, and embrace their obesity and for the larger side of the spectrum, their ill health or to be one with the WLS, failed diet industry where life becomes a march of condemnation, pain, suffering and false assumptions that people can control their body sizes.


  1. I also have a theory that obesity may in part be due to malnutrition.
    I know the "feast or famine" cycle all too well. I have been a marginalized person for most of my life and am one of the working poor.

  2. Oh I believe it, it would explain one reason why fat and poor all go together too. Sorry you have faced being marginalized too, I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy. I have pondered even in my case, some mal-absorption issues.

  3. I don't know about feast and famine cycles slowing metabolic rate. Our bodies are designed to go through these cycles since this is how we evolved and in general fasting actually accelerates fat burning processes. Long term calorie restriction(or "dieting") can slow metabolic rate but even that isn't permanent and is different from "feast and famine" cycles. I think the real issue with the typical diet of poor people is the lack of nutrition and over eating certain foods that actually worsen malnutrition (anti-nutrient foods such as grains and legumes). I definitely agree that malnutrition plays a huge role in obesity (and plenty of other diseases).
    It is sick how this crap is marketed as well, to the poor and to kids. My kids are 4 and they still don't know the name "Mcdonalds" because I don't allow them to watch the channels that have commercials for fast food and other sugar and carb filled, nutrient poor food being touted as "healthy". But I sometimes catch the commercials and advertisements for all the processed food stuff and it's crazy, it's more marketed as entertainment than food with words like "craveable" "taste explosion" "intense flavor blast". It's laughable to me but then millions go out and buy this "food" because it's cheap and it tastes good and has all those lovely chemicals to keep you coming back for more.
    About budgeting and income swings. It took me a while to learn that there's always going to be high times and low times financially, this is why I don't overspend anymore...I used to like a crazy person,haha. Even when the money is there I don't buy more. I even out the spending so it's consistent and we always eat fairly well. The idea of squirreling money away for "rainy days" and living slightly beneath your means used to be taught by families, grandmothers, etc. Yet, nobody does this anymore. This kind of bugeting should be taught again and I certainly intend to teach my kids to live under their means, always. Hard times don't affect you as much if you do this. Of course this doesn't apply if you barely have enough to live as it is but even those with very low incomes can work out budgets, it's just hard and hard to stick to especially in such an instant gratification world. I have trouble sticking to my budget and sometimes overspend but it always comes back to bite me at the end of the month (no fun). I try really hard not to do this too often:). It's a shame this kind of knowledge isn't passed down in families anymore.