Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snippets of My Medical Records

I got my medical records. I was reading through to get more answers in trying to figure out where to take things. Lately I have had some improvements with bad medical stuff which is good. I've had 10 days without a bowel attack which is a miracle for me, but not sure if its sunshine and lots of vegetables or what? Since I have been outside in the sun, I wonder if my low vit D problems are causing some of the digestive problems?  Sometimes I ponder odd things like this. Hey whatever works! I am also reading one commenter's health information with apt attention, and want to thank her, a lot makes sense.

My main objective in getting my old records, is to show I was diagnosed with PCOS OFFICIALLY to the present endocrinologist. This is just two snippets of many pages, with personal information taken out, including that of the old doctor. My day to day doctors have all the old records. The new day to day doctor thankfully is a kind and compassionate person, thank God!

Two things I found out recently the doctors told me I was 5'7 remember when I was complaining about that and worried because I was 5'11 most of my life-they measured me at school multiple times and later so I knew....? well husband and I were standing next to a door measurer at the DMV while getting our car registration, and I found out I really am only 5'7, I was 5'11 for years, so that is one of the oddest things. One doctor told me very fat people can shrink? Can my readers tell me if this is true or not? One told me the weight compressed the spine. Of course others have pointed to the endocrine and other factors.

Since getting these records, I also did not know I was diagnosed with COPD as early as 10 years ago, the doctors referred to it as "asthma" but it makes sense since chronic bronchitis and other breathing problems came my way very early even before the weight.

I did get diagnosed with those hyper-adrenal hormones way back then, remember I was working so hard to get to the bottom of my severe weight gain,   hyperadolsteronism  which is odd, since I was on   hyperadolsteronism [blood pressure-adolsterone]  lowering drugs. I still remember the two high cortisol test. Here is a picture of one. The doctor back then he did dexamethosone tests which was negative and I even got an adrenal CT scan, where they were unable to find any tumors or enlargement on. He was a kind doctor, and kept me going probably a lot longer then I would have been and was the doctor who diagnosed the original PCOS. Since these records were done, I am on a lot more Metformin, one more diabetes drug and am on .475 of Synthroid a day and these records do not touch some other health problems related to cardiology.

I guess you all can know now I am a real person....

Postscript on this one, I was lied to about the grandmother's weight, she never went above the low 200s.


  1. :). I would be so happy for you if you could start to turn around some of your health problems. I know what it's like to feel the way you do, in a malfunctioning body when it doesn't even make sense that one person could have so many health problems. And to be brushed off by the medical "professionals". Nobody should have to live this way, our bodies want to heal themselves. The hardest thing is finding out what your body needs from you to help in the healing. Eliminating things that are toxic to your body and eating as much nutrient dense food as possible is a great start. Supplementing with some vitamins might also be necessary, if you don't do so already.

  2. Hi Thanks Kate, sorry I am answering this so late. My body is scaring me. The worse thing has been the lifetime of judgements, that I somehow *CAUSED* all this. I think I have suffered the most being told I could "change this". I try to get my hands on as much nutrional dense food as possible, though when we are broke it is far harder. I'm having a tough week this week, it seems to never end and I am very sad, but thanks for your very kind words.