Friday, March 16, 2012

My 600lb life #1: Getting Made Fun of in Public

I related to Melissa Morris, though I think the husband is unrealistic about "starting a family", someone at 600lbs may just look at being able to get down to the 300lbs and will have more incredible health issues to contend with. Also one thing that crosses any disabled person's mind leaving the extreme of eugenics out of it, is will any child inherit my problems? I pondered that but I was mostly infertile.

When I married I told my husband pointing to the lack of cycles there would be no children and he would have to go into the marriage with his eyes open, which he did without regret in my case fortunately Of course I only saw part of this episode so did not know if she had eating addiction problems or not. I probably weigh around 90-100lbs less then where she is at now, but have been her size and way over too.

The part where the man chortles at her, and says "If you get bigger, you just get a bigger damn wagon", that hit home. That sort of stuff has happened to me, fortunately in my case, I lived in small towns where this was less of a problem, and I became more well known--if you become part of the usual landscape, mocking is actually far less of a problem. I do wish she had not cried but had confronted the nasty men instead. I have gone up to people like that and done everything but have a stare down, remark on any shortcomings I could come up with, and asked, "Who do you think you are?" but I have a little bit of a temper I sometimes have to try and control. Obesity is the one health problem people feel like they can mock you and at the great weights it is a horrible problem. When I was over 600lbs, my mocking was far worse. It never ended. I was a circus show on constant display in one big city.

In fact I choose to live in small towns [will never live in any place over 25,000 in population] because in places where people know more of each other, and where I live now borders on too large but the culture here is more reticient and I have to worry more about the scathing looks rather then anyone actually saying anything nasty to me. Melissa took the full brunt of it there in the store. Maybe I carry myself in a way where they worry about what I would do.

I didn't see the rest of the show, saw only part of it on TV and this video of course. I think she goes on to have WLS. I have serious misgivings about WLS but always hope for the best for anyone who is challenged by the problems with severe obesity. Her husband does seem to really love her. I do hope the children thing does not get in the way. Very fat women who do not have PCOS or even those with PCOS who have a rare ovulation hit, can and do get pregnant, but it is very dangerous at the extreme high sizes.

Speaking of those obesity researchers, someone needs to do a psychological and sociological survey of what it means to be open to ridicule just by the facet of your body size and how this is intertwined with them thinking you have total control.


  1. " worry more about the scathing looks rather then anyone actually saying anything"

    Rather THAN! Rather THAN!!! Please, please... you are so intelligent and articulate, don't ruin it by getting sucked into this murder of the English language that is getting so severely propagated online that even highly educated people like yourself don't know the difference!

  2. I saw the episode. Melissa did end up having a little girl after she lost a lot of weight. I think she also got a job as a counselor at the same hospital where she had the surgery.

    1. I am glad she was able to get a better life. Glad to see a good outcome. I hope she did not have any regains and that her life will stay good.