Sunday, March 18, 2012

Living Life


I did take some time to enjoy myself, and since spring has come very very early, this was definitely more possible. I am the type who wants to smell the roses and look at nature, and went out and took photographs of sunsets the other day, and some of the local scenery. One sunset picture turned out very good, even though it was taken from a moving car of a friend. In another life, I think I could have been a photographer.

 I live in an area with some scenic beauty so my life has daily visual eye candy. I checked out some new books, did a bible study, went to a book club, and read a 600 page graphic novel and a book on pricing antiques and have spent the week helping husband do some online ebay, and making salads and the other day, I made baked eggrolls. They digested well, and had lots of vegetables so that was a positive.  Why mess around with fried? Today has been spent online, cooking and various cleaning tasks, but I have noticed a little more stamina which is good.

  I've had some pensive moments as of late, I know I need to see my nieces and nephews more and want to work on connecting with them more since they live so far away, and the other moving issue was settled. I got through to the other family member. I know for me personally roots and having a place of belonging is important, something modern life has taken away from too many. I said, "I need a home" to them too. I've told some members of my family, we should have never moved away from each other!

   One thing, I think is important in life, is having meaning to one's life. I sometimes am thankful to God, I got knocked off the hamster wheel even if was not by choice, one gift of that or should I say silver lining of the cloud was having time to study and learn things on my own and being able to have more time to commit to hobbies like stamp collecting. Sometimes as an outside observer, I think stop running around people and go have fun! Go sit in the sun the other day like I did and watch the birds.

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