Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Rest of the World Makes Fun of America for Fat

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I've seen people on message boards and websites, talk about how fat Americans are and how disgusting. Many make fun of us. Thinness is such the norm for many countries, they do not understand how easily obesity comes here and that includes Europe where they have all the modern technology, cars, subways.  Sadly they blame us instead of realizing how badly our food is being adulterated and filled with chemicals that are leading to obesity. If they are developing nations their obesity rates will be skyrocketing the more they let the same thing happen to their food. No one asks the obvious which is why on earth would people in one country get so fat? It's not like the passage of time and history meant for more would be gluttons, and same for the countries which are now fattening up where American food corporations have imported their products.

If you look at the pictures of what the world eats, the bulk and volume of the food for a week for each of these families seems to be about the same amount except for the poorest of the poor. There is a lot less processed food but even with the processed food in Europe, they forbid a lot of things being put in food here. I have even read the ingredients lists for the processed food in the international aisle, at my local large grocery store and seen a massive difference--this food from Britain, Israel and other countries.

On a message board recently, an American man wrote that he had gone to Europe for a year and lost 50lbs without even dieting. I believe him.


  1. Monsanto is comin' their way (just as American tobacco did) so they too can anticipate eating "Healthy," "Organic" Frankenfood.

  2. Steeotyping is always stupid and rude. As Tundra Woman said, when Frankenfood gets to their part of the world, they can expect a rise in obesity too. There is a definite connection between obesity and poverty.
    In one of the poorest cities in the state where I live, there are a lot more morbidly obese people than they are in other parts of the state. This really should come as no surprise.
    So, the people ridiculing morbidly obese people for their body types are also ridiculing the poor. Way to be a double douchebag!

    1. Yes that is happening now, I've posted on it, when the frankenfood shows up the country in question starts fattening up like gangbusters. I know for fact where I live poorer means fatter. The quality of food you can afford is far less. I also think the acute stress of poverty, worrying about making it through the month, also increases cortisol levels and obesity. Yes they are ridiculing the poor.

  3. Many decades ago during the Civil Rights Movement in the US, a senator from one of the poorest counties in Mississippi stated in response to implementing a Food Stamp program, "Look around: All these people ain't hungry! They're FAT!"
    Umm, yeah. Because starches are cheap. As you stated previously people who are obese can be concurrently suffering from malnutrition. Even growing your own food or raising your own animals for consumption is no guarantee of high quality produce unless you're growing from heirloom seeds and the ground in which you're planting them hasn't been loaded with fertilizers and other chemicals. Likewise the pastures where your animals graze and any additional grain etc. you feed them to fatten them for slaughter compromises the purpose when they're being fed grain from commercial suppliers. Impoverished areas in urban locales are well recognized "Food Saharas."
    No one chooses to be poor. The causes of obesity as well as poverty are multi-faceted. If you are able to provide/consume the least amount of Frankenfood, good for you. Not everyone is so fortunate.

  4. Tundra Woman, I still see that nonsense being posted online by people on the right, the right which is helping everyone embrace their serfdom. No don't think much of the left either. I am diagnosed with mal-nutrition. I eat veggies everyday but am suspecting some of this is due to health and also on and off food insecurity. I never miss a meal, but I know everything goes more carb rich on the weeks with no money. If one has no land or resources for land they can't grow their own food--I fit in that category. A lot of the factory farm stuff is getting worse and I had a farmer tell me himself that the soil was growing depleted and there were far less minerals and vitamins in food then their used to be. I agree no one chooses to be poor, and the Europeans who mock Americans for being fat know very little of what is really going on here or how people have to live.