Friday, April 13, 2012

Carnie Wilson Has Weight Loss Surgery AGAIN

Carnie Wilson Has Weight Loss Surgery Again

Isn't she proof that Weight Loss Surgery especially in the long term arena just does not work? Isn't her stomach already cut down from the first surgery? I guess it stretched out. Even reading about this stuff causes me pain. Does being fat now have as its price, endless torturous surgeries?

Twelve years after Carnie Wilson underwent gastric bypass surgery and famously lost 150 lbs., the singer has done it again: On January 18, Wilson went under the knife for lap-band surgery, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

Since having the procedure – during which a silicone band is placed around the stomach to create a pouch the size of a golf ball – Wilson, 43, has lost 30 lbs. and counting.

"It was the right decision for me and I'm doing really well so far," Wilson tells PEOPLE. "It's all about taking good care of myself

Here is what she looked like in 2011

Just really strange and she was fired from a diet company in 2010 for failing to lose weight and selling cheesecake.

Why aren't any of these celebrities independent thinkers? I cringe at the idea of multiple weight loss surgeries becoming the "new normal".


  1. Carnie Wilson made it quite easy to follow her after her surgery as she turned her weight into her career. If she actually lost it and just MOVED ON I don't think she'd have a career anymore. Kirsty Alley has done pretty much the same. It's pretty damn pathetic to be such a washed-up former "star" that creating drama around your weight is all you can do to get yourself in the media.

    Carnie Wilson is NOT proof that WLS doesn't work. She's an example of a person who gets the surgery and makes no effort to use the tool it is to make significant changes. We know from her reality shows that not long after dropping weight, she was writing cookbooks and starting a bakery business. I saw an interview in which she talked about the "tricks" she used to eat less of the indulgent food she wanted and I knew that she wasn't making an effort to make real changes in her life. It was like she was trying to live on a diet from a women's magazine. I always believed she would regain and she did.

    Getting lap band gave her ANOTHER career shot in the arm and it creates sympathy from the public. Three strikes she'll be out though so she better keep the weight off this time. There won't be any forgiveness from the public if she tries this again.

    1. heaven help you if you are ever in a position where YOU gain a lot of weight. i believe frequently the universe steps in and creates that scenario deliberately to teach you a lesson you need to learn. kindness.

  2. LOL Carnie did turn her weight into her career! That is a good way to sum it up. Well her career only existed because Daddy was Brian Wilson! One thing about Hollyweird and the music world most who get in ARE connected or "chosen". I got into an argument with Carnie Wilson, she had an old websites, LOL, I think it was her but she was running the website so most likely. She did have some serious side affects and I remember discussed fissures and other problems. Kristie Alley I consider sad and pathetic too, that is someone who never escaped the beauty prison and she did not grow old gracefully, why not just live your life especially at that level of wealth and do somethings for the world instead of staring down at her moderately fat body and focusing on that? You may be on to something about this being money-based drama.

    If you see my Cushings post, that will help explain even more why I do not want WLS, there is something broken in my body, just so you know I am worried about other health stuff beyond the traditional FAT stuff. Losing one's hearing, I probably don't talk about as much on here as the weight stuff, but that has impacted my life big time and there is the fatigue and other problems. I guess that will help you understand where I am coming from. Perhaps it is a tool that can work for some, I just think we deserve something better, with less risk and pain, and still question the focus point of them going for the stomach. Also too, I do have to say, why would WLS work, if you STILL have to WATCH the food. When I was exploring the WLS options, if I was to get one, I'd want the old DS, let the food run through, you know the one with no chance of a regain. Of course I decided against all them!

    I have this weird thing where if I eat less food, it happens when I get sick, my body temperature goes down to 95 degrees, I shiver, and become very cold and just want to sleep and I think the metabolism goes along with it.

    I think Carnie was nuts to start a bakery business. Didn't she inherit enough money from her Dad? The Beach Boys made multimillions so it wasn't like she had to start working nights at the local bakery to make ends meet. Talk about a set-up for failure. Surround yourself with cookies and baked goods and more, and she has admitted eating problems. If that was her on those old conversations I found her very shallow and not very intelligent. Years ago I read one of her books out of curiosity and her personality rubbed me the wrong way. I suppose she was not a good candidate from the start. I do hope she leaves her poor stomach alone, no lap bands, and the rest. How would that work when it already got cut down with older surgery? She probably should just go with the flow now in the upper 200s, she may not live as long but is still functional at that size. I think her standing with the public has ebbed away. Many young people don't remember Wilson Phillips.

    Oh I went to look her up in the news, she did have the lap band and looks like she has lost some. They reported her Bell's Palsy.

  3. Fat people with all the money in the world make me sick. They have life by the balls yet still cannot keep their life under control. Give me some of your money so I can have a nice life of no cash issues you fat pig.

    1. you hateful insulting nasty creep.
      no wonder you are so miserable with yourself.
      its because of your black heart.
      you are one revolting creature.
      beware. judgement day is coming.
      "fat pig" indeed.

  4. Life under control what does that mean?

    I think that all the people with money up the whazoo who can even afford a vegan chef at their beck and call failing to lose weight should tell you something.

    I am tired of being poor too.