Friday, April 27, 2012

Fat Nation: Future Gulags for the Fat?

Some time ago I posted this...

"It's the Fat Camp for You Comrade!" [read it for context for the article]

Remember they always blame the individual...

instead of admitting that modern American life stinks!

The corporations and powers that be PROFIT off the fat. They will pretend they want to "help" but look at the issues I cover on this blog, nothing except for a few rare researchers are dealing with anything honestly.

"Obesity will crush the United States into oblivion" guy says.

No obesity [for those who have become ill from it] is a SYMPTON of a sick culture...

a culture where people live under constant unrelenting stress.

a culture where social networks and social contracts have broken down

a culture where most are forced to eat GMO and Frankenfood that is sold to us full of sugar and fat and goodness knows what else.

a culture where at least half the people struggle to make ends meet

a culture where leisure, free time for many has been destroyed

a culture with a broken health care system

Whose going to be healthy in this place?

I wish Americans would admit something is wrong with the culture, rather then striking their breasts and yelling mea culpa!

But then that wouldn't make these folks any money.....

Civil liberties are DISAPPEARING in this country. While people bow at the feet of Obama, and imagine him to be a classic "liberal", his signing of bills that have limited free speech like HR 347 and the would be dystopian horror of NDAA show what he is really about. Google is your friend become an informed citizen. Neither party cares about your freedom either in case someone thinks I am ready to throw my hat in the ring for Romney. I'm not.

So thinking about the disappearance of civil liberties and the fat, one wonders where things could go.....

Fat people are already rendered second class citizen, with defacto class warfare, keeping the fatter lower classes, down just because they are more overweight.

Will people one day be fined for being fat? Have a ration card for eating?

The global elites and others who fund such documentaries know what they are doing. There of course is NOTHING about what is being added to the food and the inherent issues.

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