Friday, April 13, 2012

GMOS making Americans Fat?

I don't agree with everything on RT, just a caveat, but I have been pondering the influence of GMOS, I have wondered even if some of my digestive problems of late, is an allergic response to GMO food, which is getting harder and harder to avoid. The GMOs are changing us, change the genes in the food, you think it won't directly affect ours? I speak out against GMOs as much as possible but sadly cannot afford to remove them from my own diet, though I try. One even thinks about the connection of gut flora, to our digestion and metabolisms and how this stuff has to be destroying them. 70% of our food is genetically engineered?


  1. Ugh, Monsanto. The stuff they have done to our food supply is beyond disgusting. I think they say 70% or our food is GMO because they are counting all the processed foods in with regular foods(meats, produce, etc.) Of course processed foods are nearly 100% GMO because they all contain corn and soy. Corn and soy invades everything. It's hard to find a box or bag in the grocery store that doesn't have these two items in multiple "modified" forms. But then that's just the point, isn't it? Is it the GMO's in the processed foods or the frankenfood like ingredients or is it the lack of nutrition in processed foods, or the fact that it's all flours and sugars and spikes blood sugar/insulin and that causes metabolic syndrome?. It's hard to pick one thing and blame that since processed foods and GMOS go hand in hand. You can't seperate them. Correlation does not necessarily equal causation and in this case it doesn't really matter. Avoid processed foods, grains, corn, soy and you will avoid most GMOS. If you shop the perimeter of the store and avoid the center aisles I can guarantee the percentage of GMO in your cart will be minimal. GMOS are not prevelant yet in produce. Mostly grains/corn and soy crops.

  2. I agree, they are destroying our food supply. It is getting scary realizing how much corn and soy is being put in everything. I am trying to avoid both as soy makes me ill and the corn is not digesting well at all. I think it is the GMOs, lack of nutrition, and the fact the specialized sugars like high fructose corn syrup are shooting up the insulin. I never buy anything from the center of the grocery store anymore, save for occasional pasta and cans of organic tomato sauce. Definitely a perimeter buyer. I look at the junk passing for food and am astounded, most in brightly colored boxes. What do you think regarding almond milk? [unsweeted] Have they GMOed that to death?

  3. Yes, yes... Soy and corn, more legumes and grains. When I look back on what I used to eat (and always had digestion issues) I realize that I ate some form of grain and/or legume every meal. Really, every meal, it's astounding. We only think we have such a diverse amount of food in this country but when it comes down to it every boxed processed food lining the grocery store shelves is made from the exact same stuff. Different shapes and different colored packaging, different flavorings but it's ALL Wheat, corn and soy. ALL improperly prepared. There's no wonder people are having so many issues. See, people have been eating these things for a long time but they would prepare them properly (beans were soaked for a long time, bread was fermented, like sourdough bread, corn was treated with lime and bran from grains was always removed) making these things more digestible, reducing anti-nutrients, and making the little nutrition in them more available. There were good reasons for these practices but they don't do any of this with foods today. But, I digress.
    Almond milk is probably fine and not GMO but it does have quite a bit of Omega 6 which is inflammatory. Coconut milk would be a better choice and can help to up the good fats in your diet. It tastes pretty good too :)

  4. I remember when they put lime in corn! You can forget these things as the years pass.

    1. I think lime helps digest corn, kind of like in Mexican cuisine, GMO garbage makes it undigestable. I digest corn just fine unless its GMO. GMO means I am hunched over feeling I am going to die. THe corn tortillas are more GMO free at the ethnic market. Other peoples know that American GMO food is garbage.