Friday, April 13, 2012

Disability Advocacy

I have developed a new interest in this and probably will be doing some volunteer work in relation to it. While I do not agree with all the PC stuff, I do not care if someone calls me "disabled" instead of a person "with disabilities", I do think that more disabled people need to pay attention to our place in the community and trying to advocate for ourselves and others. Recently I met a dedicated disability advocate who is friendly and understanding to those who face weight problems as well as other health issues.

One of my new projects is to talk to a discount food store about acquiring a scooter, as there are many poorer people in the community who would save money being able to use that store. We are in a climate now, that is kind of scary for disabled people as budgets are cut and the economy grows worse. I did attend a local disability round table and while disabled issues are far ranging, and individuals facing the challenges of disability very diverse, I found it very much of interest. I even asked the advocate worker for new information regarding hearing impairment. More on these matters later.

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