Friday, July 16, 2010


This article is ironic, "Obesity Rating For Every American Must Be Included in Stimulus-Mandated Electronic Records, Says HHS."

I don't like the idea of the government tracking everyone via electronic health records, something that could be open to a myriad of abuses. Yes in many of our cases, for the disabled, the govt already knows we are fat but now your doctor sends your files by choice when you apply. When they start centralizing records for everyone watch out!

This is about benefiting health and life insurance companies who will raise their costs according to what you weigh and only increase discrimination, making the overweight even more "punished" by society. Is imagining forced calisthenics for adult factory workers and school children [outside of gym class] that hard to see down the road? The grocery stores if you have a discount card, already track what you buy and eat. Are they going to start analyzing your diet and when the electronic economy is in full swing, I can imagine someone trying to buy a high calorie meal and the credit card machine saying : "Declined: you have reached your calorie allotment for the day." Of course with all this war on obesity garbage, they never question some of what is really happening with the sugar and fat laden food that is diminished in nutrients.

Just division, and ostracization, and a discriminatory program, that will hurt the obese. And since the lower classes are far more overweight via lower quality food and other sociological realities, consider it an inverse form of class warfare, that enables the Whole Foods crowd even more. Nonetheless the fact that BMI has been proven over and over to be a dubious measurement tool that fails when it comes to those of more sturdy and muscular frames.

Years ago, I did a cartoon where the government rounded up my fat cartoon character for failing her BMI test, and sent her to a Fat camp with forced exercise programs, and starvation, where they fed her and the other inmates vitamin pills and water behind bars when they weren't let out to jog, or lift weights. I never thought my foray into fantasy would become reality.

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