Friday, July 30, 2010

Plus Sized Wars: More Fat People in Fashion and on TV

Plus-Size Wars:

This is an interesting article showing some of the new developments in fashion and on TV where more plus sized people are being given a place. This is a good development. It would be nice one day for fat people to be able to buy more clothes and have more variety. I don't know what people my size did 30 years ago? Wear bed sheets or have all the clothes custom made? Thankfully with the Internet us super sized people can find clothes. For years, I would buy dresses off ebay, pressing the 5x plus keys. Some high fashion shows with fat women would be a great thing to see.

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  1. yeah, they have one very good show, which is a group of friends who are all overweight, and even date men. very supportive, more understanding attitude; one of the women is a model.