Friday, July 30, 2010

Are They Trying To Fatten Us Up On Purpose?

Is there a reason Hardees has to sell a 1400 calorie hamburger, the so called "MonsterThickBurger"? Or that KFC came up with a sandwich the so called "Double Down" that uses fried chicken patties for 'the bread" with cheese and bacon in the middle? Are they competing to make everything as cheese laden and fat filled as possible? People scoff at so called "conspiracy theories" but its hard to ignore the fact at the very least corporate interests seem to be conspiring to make us all as fat as possible. Maybe its a deal with Big Pharma to sell more diabetes pills but some of this really makes me wonder.

Some have said fat and grease sells, but I have felt my own desperation in trying to get something less then plastic while on the road, if food with taste and some nutrients was out there, it would be bought.

Even now I am facing the facts when one has to pay under 20 bucks a meal at restaurant, they are either stuck with Chinese food--sauce and fat on the side, no egg rolls please, or copious amounts of disgusting food that is a nightmare for the lactose intolerant and forget trying gluten free, with a few limp salads thrown in for looks with fried crispy things tossed on top.

When I watched Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution, I wanted to scream at the TV, we are all being fed a load of trash! Only people on farms or big gardens, and those with cash for organic food, [young people seriously consider that as a lifestyle for your own sake] are getting the decent stuff anymore Jaime! Our TVs are full of what basically amounts to food pornography. I enjoy a good cooking show, but is there are a reason in a super sized nation that Emeril used to sing the praises of pork fat, or the host on Man Vs Food, fries a giant pork chop thing with skin and fat attached and yells out: "That's Pork Sexy!" No that is just gross.

Weirder still are the shows dedicated to fit and sassy Rachael Ray eating wondrous meals on a daily basis, though with a cringe some remember the so called Chicago Hot Dog Salad. Other shows display copious amounts of food and complex recipes, that Mary Ordinary would never get to see in her own kitchen outside of a thousand dollar food budget but perhaps on a cruise ship. Then there is the Italian female chef who while cooking foods that consist of every diabetics nightmare who almost disappears when she turns sideways. The mountains of Cool Whip, faux graus, chopped up raw tuna also form a dizzying array of food on the so called cooking channels.

I run my scooter down the supermarket aisles, endless greasy, salted, sugary and expensive foodstuffs look back. Endless bags of fried carbohydrates and bottles of high fructose corn syrup poured into everything. Aluminium silicate, Benzoic acid, calcium chloride and a vast array of the chemical kingdom for everyone! Very few know {read Fast Food Nation} that much of the tastes in processed food, do not come from food itself, but from chemicals whipped up in a lab.

At the grocery store, I follow the nutritionist's advice to "follow the perimeter", grabbing vegetables, meats, and fruits, some tempting "Eat me, I'm tasty" and others forming feelings of disgust, but overall fewer and fewer good things to eat, with more and more empty calories, foods based on white starch, sugar and few nutrients, plastic stomach hurting food, greasy tinned meats, and hamburger red on the outside but always a mushy grey when you take it home to break it down to cook.

Is it just my imagination or has food become just more worse for us, discovering even almond milk had listed as its first ingredient cane juice [basically sugar water] given my lactose intolerance and problems with soy, just made me sigh with food despair.

I can't help but think they want to make us as fat as possible.


  1. Well,they're trying to sell their own tempting,addictive fat-food,to make alot of money off people who keep eating the junk.I think it's capitalism,mostly,or rather,exploitation of people,by marketing addictive,fattening foods.

    Most of us are more drawn to high-fat foods,it's probably an old,anthropological tendency of ours,like cave-men,to want to put on more weight,to stave off hard winters and scarcity of foods.It's old prehistoric tendencies,still in our bodies.So the fat=food producers are exploiting that thing in people,to make a ton of money.I do not know if they want us to be fat,they just want to exploit us,to make a ton of money,and they do not care if we get fat.

  2. Yes I agree with that as a possibility too, the biological imperative where the body is drawn to ingest as much as high fat food for winter and would be famines. Agree that they are exploiting this as well. The so called thrifty gene. I think fat and sugar for some reason are cheaper too, so it is all about making money.

  3. actually it is bad choices not the food that is the problem I have seen more leaner people consuming such things, most people who are very overweight do not generally go to the fast food joints very often. in fact if one is so inclined to eat such a burger why not just throw away the bread and eat the meat and veggies and cheese?

    in fact eating such fare to often can lead to insulin or shall I say I believe is actually gluocse resistance which leads to high insulin levels to often which leads to an appetite out of control. in fact this gluocse resistance can lead to an elevated glucose set point (kind of like the fat setpoint) which requires higher gi foods to increase the levels almost to diabetic range to somewhat compensate for the glucose resistance of the cells.

    then while all that sugar is floating around sticking to everything and glycating (oxidizing) the cells the fat cells soak up that excess glucose to convert it to fat to get that darn glycating stuff out of the blood before the body combusts! saturated fat oxidizes very slowly and doens't damage cells as much as sugar does. the fat in the burger is better for you (and can be used for energy without needing much insulin or any insulin at all)then the bread which would probably release a load of insulin you and I are better not knowing how much that equates to, might shock us to much.

    it is quite possible they knowingly add extra sugar to stuff knowing how insulin makes you eat more. fat is just a side affect, I am sure they are not profiting off of that just the extra eating which doesn't always equate with extra weight for some people.


  4. it sounds like the ciggerette industry when they deliberately bred a more addictive tobacco; it's Doctors who never cure you,"keep you coming back over and over.for money",the junk-food often makes you want to eat MORE of it.

    I noticed that.which is why i have to avoid a lot of junk food,even a little of it,throws your blood sugar off!kind of like"you cannot eat a LITTLE of it."white sugar does do that, makes you crave more. i also realized, the TASTE of fast food is not good.maybe why it's so fatted-up; cause otherwise, they taste lousy, compared to quality food.and, yes, as Americans get poorer,their food has gotten worse; quality healthy food is expensive. vegetariansim used to be cheaper; now its the opposite.

  5. you should try unsweetened cashew milk, its my lifesaver! no sugar & only 25 cal per serving

    1. Ive drank almond milk before. How does it compare in price?