Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Veggies and Fruits Losing Nutrition Power

The article focuses on fertilizer and how fast things are grown which is definitely part of the picture but what else is going to happen with GMO products and those who put profit, and appearance above nutrition in the growing of these vegetables? They have genetically modified them to last the longest for transport and have the most smooth and uniform appearance. [vitamins and minerals are thrown by the way side]

Years ago, I was talking to a friendly local farmer, who told me, you know, vegetables are not as nutritious as they used to be and our soil is depleted beyond the pale, I believed him. Eating heirloom vegetables that were bought from an organic farmer, the flavor of them burst in my mouth, and an energized feeling came over my body, honestly this was not imagined. Food that actually has enough vitamins and minerals makes you feel better. Years ago the alternative and nutritional press would bring these things up, so its interesting its now hitting the national mainstream news.
My advice is to get as much of the "real stuff" as you can afford: veggie markets, growing your own garden, because better nutrition overall will equal better health. As I said before, one wonders how the lack of nutritional oomph in our food is affecting obesity?


  1. I do agree that this is correct;huge agribusiness farming,has leached all the nutrition out of the soil,so the vegetables have less vitamins.I not only know that's true,I have heard accounts of very overweight people,who went to doctors,and,because they over-eat also all the food that;'s good for you,their health was better,cause they got more nutrition.

    This is not known to the general public;but I have heard this thru the "nutrition grapevine",and people in the know,that doctors are very astonished that many overweight people are MORE HEALTHY than thin ones,cause they are getting more vitamins and minerals,just from eating more food.The doctors can't figure out why this is,and it's not known to the general media.

    Yes,this is a result of having to eat more,to get enough nutrition,cause the soil is so depleted,the food's nutrition is very low;so you have to eat a lot MORE FOOD,to get enough nutrition.Agribusiness cannot sustain itself,and has worn out the soil,land,and farms are going to have to be SMALLER,to help the land survive.Nature cannot take agribusiness.She's dying from it.

  2. one thing about fruits and veggies you really can't eat to much, fruits in particular grow from trees or large bushes and their roots reach alot furthur than anuual veggies do. can reach minerals furthur down the soil.

    I have found this week I can eat almost five pounds of veggies and their freshly made juices (I juice them myself) like the recommendations of dr mercola. I didnt think I could until I put forth the effort, and I am pleasantly surprised how it quelches and cravings for the normal junky stuff I kept craving. weird. I did not give them (fruits and veggie)enough credit.


  3. I am glad you are eating more vegetables and fruit, I actually do better digestively with fruit, and not sure why it is going through me better then vegetables, but maybe that has something to do with it. Yes eating this stuff, helps keep cravings away for the bad stuff.